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Author: mrsyourmom
Created: May 22, 2009
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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maybe you're the chemical reaction?

Created by mrsyourmom and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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anything exciting happen this week?
do you read you star sign daily?
do you believe in the paranormal?
have you heard green days new album?
isn't it the best!?
how do you like your eggs in the morning?
who has your heart?
describe your day in three words?
who understands your sense of humor?
would you say your geeky?
are you a popular person?
ever been to a festival?
what age are you dreading the most?
ever had your heart broken?
where is that person now?
ever told you someone to leave and instantly regretted it?
ever had a kiss thats left you breathless?
ever made out in the rain?
could you see yourself having children?
how often do you go out drinking?
last time you felt awkard?
why , what happened?
last song you sang loudly in public?
your ultimate best friend?