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Author: ppg
Created: May 14, 2009
Taken: 87 times
Rated: PG

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On The Run Baby,Take me outta this Small town.

Created by ppg and taken 87 times on Bzoink
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Hey Girl Whats your sign?
How bout your favorite movie?
How do you feel about...Hannah Montana?
Do you watch Chuck?
You know any sluts?
what's your dream job?
Do you like the band Queen?
Whatta about The beatles?
is stupid is as stupid does?
Are you the oldest Kid?
Republicans,indies or Democrats?
Sirius Black or Remus Lupin?
Does The Movies Jaws frighten you?
Oh Silly me, Whats your name Suga?
Oprah or Dr.phil?
Whats your favorite eye color on a dude?
Do you think Kevin Durand is hot?
How did you like the new Wolverine movie?
My mom has a crush on hugh jackmen,so who does your mom like?
My dad has a man Crush on George Harrison does your dad have a man crush?
Say the First thing that comes to your head when I say..
Man boobs.
Sexual Healing
Hannah Montana.
British Men.
Charlie Swans Mustache.
Stripper Heels.
Finish The Sentence...
I Wanna.....
You will never know...
I hate...
I love...
your so damn....
That was freakin.....
Oh my god you.....
Holy Moly.....
What the.....
Did you just.....
i love when you....
I hate When you.....
This Or that.
Queen or Kings of leon.
Winter or Fall.
Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.
CSI or Law and Order.
James Bond or Jason bourne.
Phillies Or mets.
Twilight or harry potter.
Heels or Sneakers.
Jersey or Philly.
The Godfather or the Dark knight.
France or germany.
Wolverine or Gambit.
The Beatles or The Who.
Bam or Dunn.
Would you Rather....
Chill with Johnny Depp or Orlando bloom.
go 24 hours without talking or texting.
Have to write a 20 page essay or go without music for a week.
never watch tv or movies.
Kiss Spock or Luke Skywalker.
become a lion tamer or ape trainer.
swim with sharks or fight mike tyson.
become a movie Star or be in a band.
Tour with A7X or MCR.
never see your best friend again or never see your parents again.
Type of shoe.
baseball team.
Tv Show.
outdoor activity.
indoor activity.
More About you.
Gotta Boy/Girl Friend?
What state do you live in?
Ever watch Full metal jacket.
Do you know who Bobby Gorn is?
What about Rick Danko.
Can you hear me now?
Was my first survey ok? ;)