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Author: vandalisedsheep
Created: May 12, 2009
Taken: 205 times
Rated: PG

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For the bored, pregnant women out there...

Created by vandalisedsheep and taken 205 times on Bzoink
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What is you due date?
So that makes you how many weeks today?
How far gone were you when you found out?
Were you trying to get pregnant?
How long were you TTC (if you were!)
Is this your first pregnancy?
Have you had any scans yet
Heard the heart beat?
Do you know the sex?
If no, do you want to find out before the baby's born?
Would you rather it was a boy/girl or are you not bothered?
Have you had much sickness? If yes, how long did it last?
Any hospital admissions?
Have you had many "scares," bleeding, false labour etc?
About You.
What's your name?
What was your initial reaction upon finding out?
When are you/did you start maternity leave?
Are you planning on returning to work? And when?
Is your employer very "pregnant woman friendly?"
Who was the first person you told about the pregnany?
Did you keep it a secret for long?
About the Dad
What's his name?
Are you still together?
What was his initial response upon finding out?
Is he excited about being a Dad?
Does he like talking to your bump?
Do you think he'll make a good Dad?
More questions..
How much weight have you gained so far?
Does your midwife seem happy with your weight gain?
Have you got any stretch marks yet?
Is your belly hairy?
Any "weird" pregnancy dreams?
Have your nipples started leaking yet?
Has your libido increased or decreased since getting pregnant?
About the birth
How do you feel about the birth?
Have you been "reading up" on birth and birthing stories much?
What pain relief (if any) do you want?
Home birth, hospital or birthing centre?
Have you written a birth plan?
Are you planning on having a Doula present at the birth?
Who do you want at the birth with you?
Do you want an oxytocin shot to help you deliver the placenta?
Do you have to have a C-section?
Do you want a cesarian?
Will your partner cut the cord?
Do you want skin to skin contact as soon after birth as possible?
Bits about after the birth...
Have you chosen a going home outfit for your little one yet?
Will you exclusively breastfeed?
Will you "baby wear?"
Do you think you'll try infant led weaning?
Will you co-sleep?
Do you want baby in your bedroom for the first few months?
Who will you and your baby live with, if anybody?
Do you have any pets? How do you think they will respond to baby?
If you have older children, how will you introduce baby to them?
Alright, that's it. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! :)