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Author: vivalamelanie
Created: May 9, 2009
Taken: 104 times
Rated: G

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Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste; it all revolves around you.

Created by vivalamelanie and taken 104 times on Bzoink
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What is your boyfriend/girlfriend's name?
Can you honestly say you love them, or do you just like them a lot?
Who asked who out, and how?
If you could tell them anything, what would it be?
Do they know a lot about you?
Would you take a bullet for them?
How many times have you kissed? (Guesstimate)
Have you ever thought about cheating/cheated on them?
Do you two have pet names, or do you just stick with regular names?
Do you text or call every night?
Do your parents approve?
What is your favorite physical trait about them?
What is your favorite personality trait about them?
If you could change one thing about them, what would it be?
How long have you been going out?
Have you ever talked about marraige?
Have you ever talked about kids?
Have you broken up and gotten back together at all?
Do you share food with them?
Do you go to the same school?
Is there a certain song between you and them?
What does a regular date consist of?
What attracted you to them the most when you first met?
Were you best friends with them beforehand?
Have you ever gotten into a fight?
Are they abusive?
Do you support them?
What's your favorite memory between the two of you?
Have you ever kissed in the rain?
Have you met their friends and family?
What would you say if they called you up right now and dumped you?
Are you happy?
Do you have any pictures of them on your phone?
Have you slow danced? If yes, to what song?
Have they gotten you any presents?
If yes, what were they?
Do you treat them better than they treat you?
Have you said 'I love you' in person yet?
Do you like their friends?
Do they like your friends?
What do they look like?
Do you have any articles of their clothing with you?
Do you share personal secrets?
Do you have alot in common?
Which are better; hugs or kisses?
Eyes or smile?
Their sense of humor or their ability to be serious?
Would you trust them with your pet?
Do they drink/smoke often? Are you okay with that?
Do you have a picture of you two kissing on Myspace?
Do you dish date details to your friends, or keep it secret?
If they call you at 2 in the morning saying they need help, would you go?
Are you insecure around them?
Do they smell good to you? (Perfume or cologne)
What do you talk about during your phone conversations?
Do you have their Myspace/Facebook password? Do you check the account?
How long do you spend getting ready for a date?
Do you think you'll be together for a long time?
Do your peers talk bad about your relationship?
Has anyone asked you out while you've been going out with them?