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About This Survey

Author: dreamerxxlover03
Created: May 9, 2009
Taken: 257 times
Rated: G

The Ultimate Jonas Brothers Survey!! :]

Created by dreamerxxlover03 and taken 257 times on Bzoink
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Go golfing with Nick or Bowling with Kevin?
Dance off with Joe or Video games with Frankie?
Write a song with Nick or sing with Joe on stage?
Kiss Nick or Joe?
Kiss Nick or Kevin?
Kiss Joe or Kevin?
Date one of them for 3 years and then break up or best friends for life?
Date Joe or Nick?
Date Kevin of Nick?
Date Joe or Kevin?
Steal Kevins guitar or Joe's Tambourgine?
Get a piggy back ride from Kevin or have Joe sing to you on stage?
Become inseperable with Nick or date Joe?
Get a meet and greet or front row ticket?
Get a back stage pass of meet Frankie?
Meet Denise or Frankie?
Meet Big Rob or Frankie?
Get a hug, picture, or autograph in the meet and greet line?
play ping-pong with Nick or Guitar hero with Joe?
Watch and movie and cuddle with Nick or go on a dinner date with kevin?
Hang with them on the beach or on the ski slopes?
Have them write a hit about you or sing to you on stage?
Do something completly wild to get their attention or something lame?
Cry in front of them or play it cool?
Who is your favorite Jonas?
Who would you rather have sing to you?
If you could only meet one of them, who would you pick?
Who would you date?
Who would you take to a prom?
Who is closer to your age?
If they wrote a song about you, what would it be about?
Describe Nick in three words..
Describe Kevin in three words
Describe Joe in three words
Describe little Frankie in three words...
Have you heard Joes Muffin Man Rap?
How long have you been a fan?
Do you have all three cd's?
Nicks solo cd?
What's your favorite song from the first CD? (It's About Time)
What's your favorite song from the second cd?(Jonas Brothers)
Favorite song from the third cd? (A Little Bit Longer)
You excited for the third CD? (Lines, Vines, and Trying Times)
Did you watch J.O.N.A.S?
What do you think of the song Love Is On Its Way?
What did you think of the 3d Movie?
Finish the lyric
Everyone knows it's mean't to be...
I'm sorry for breaking all the promises...
Oh Em Gee did you hear I'm dating a Jonas Brother?...
Walked across a crowded street...
Isn't it strange, ain't it a shame....
He said I've been to the year 3000...
Take my hand tonight, we could run so far....
I climb a tree outside her home....
You just don't know it....
We had fun under the sun and when winter came....
Young hearts, I believe that we are not....
You gotta live to party....
You, your like driving on a Sunday...
You warned me that you were gonna leave....
I was fine, till....
And you don't know what it's like to....
And I'll wait for her to come...
Fill in the blank
You gotta _____ to me.
Cause I'm _____ for you baby.
I don't wanna _______. Cause I don't know If I'll get up.
So tired of these ____.
Open up _____ girl and see.
All I wanna know is ____ with me.
________ Hows it going?
You say____. I say No.
When you _______ and they break your heart.
I am what I am,__________
It's cool were__________.
Sitting on a_______. Down below the cars in the city go rushing by.
I'd never thought I'd catch this __________.
And I die,____________