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Author: disqolemonadee
Created: May 9, 2009
Taken: 186 times
Rated: PG

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questions about your bf/gf :)

Created by disqolemonadee and taken 186 times on Bzoink
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What is their full name?
How long have you known them?
What color are their eyes?
What color is their hair?
How tall are they, approximately?
When did you fall your hardest for them?
Been on a date with them?
Kissed them?
Made out with them?
Held hands with them?
Cuddled with them?
Held them?
Shared an AMAZING moment with them?
Can you tell them anything?
Do you have a song? If not, what song reminds you of them?
How often do you think about them?
What do they smell like?
When their hand is in yours, what do you feel like?
Have you kissed them more than 5 times?
Have they been to your house?
Have you been to theirs?
Do their parents like you?
Cutest message they have ever sent you?
Have you told them you loved them?
DO you love them?
When they walk towards you, what do you feel?
Have you ever cried in front of them?
Do you have any mutual friends?
Have they ever done anything romantic for you?
Do you feel a connection with this person?
Do they like you as much as you like them?
Did you know you were going to end up with this person?
What are their greatest assets?
Are you completely comfortable with this person?
Do you think about them before you go to sleep?
Have they seen you in your underwear?
Are they easygoing?
Would you do anything for this person?
Does this person's voice make you happy?
Ever argued with this person?
Ever been so happy with them that you couldn't contain yourself?
Are they a sweetheart?
What do you love most about their body?
What do they love the most about you?