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Author: cheyanne119
Created: May 5, 2009
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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for the bored

Created by cheyanne119 and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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all over coolness
level of bordness? (low, medium, high)
whats the time?
whats the 3 closest things to you?
where are you at??
what are you listening to?
favorite color?
ever had a dream you didnt want to forget?
ever had a person you didnt want to forget, but had to?
favorite song?
whats your hair color?
have you ever mixed white milk with flavored syrup
have you ever TaLkEd lIkE ThIs on the internet?
favorite website(s)
any pets
whats your favorite sport?
how about genre of music?
if you are in school whats your favorite teacher?
least favorite teacher?
whats your favorte movie?
do you sleep with any stuffed animal?
this or that!!
would you rather be a snake or a spider?
would you rather listen to 5 babies cry at once or 3 diff radio stations?
no music or no tv?
have to read everyday for 2 hours or go to school for an extra 2 hours
drink lemonade for 10 years or drink iced tea for 10 years straight
rather smell B.O. for 2minutes or take a bite of rotten eggs?
live in the south or the north?
work at KFC or work at Mcdonalds
wear short shorts or wear trip jeans
have joy or have sorrow?
finish the sentence!!
i have a large ____ that likes to eat puppychow!
i need a ____ because im cool like that!!
i drank alot of ____ so i turned blue!
i love kool aid and ____ because im the awesomest person in the world!!!
i laughed so hard i almost, ____ myself!
i hate my keyboard because the ____ key keeps sticking!!
i see you gettin down girl i wanna ____ with you!
like the clouds you, ____ away! MUAHH HAA HAA
im ____ out my closet!!
whats this song?
1...gone with the sin my baby, how beautiful you are....
2...such rage that you could scream all the stars right outta the sky??
3... if i could be a kennedy, a real heart breaker
4... relax while your closing ur eyes to me, i will taste ur blood 2night
1. gone with the sin- him
lip gloss and black- atreyu
kennedy- kill hannah
avenged sevenfold- scream
goodbye my friend!
did you like this survey?
any improvments i should make?
comments??? (//_-)