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Author: samlovesnyc
Created: May 2, 2009
Taken: 993 times
Rated: PG

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Tons of Questions you can Answer when you're Bored!

Created by samlovesnyc and taken 993 times on Bzoink
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Do you know anyone with the name Sam?
I am Sam, by the way. What's your name?
What's more appealing to you: Exotic-unique names, or normal names?
Do you use spoons or forks for ice cream?
When was the last time you ate a Yoplait yogurt?
When you were younger, did you ask your parent(s) for a pony/horse?
Ever had a freaky school project?
Has something ever traumatized you?
Did you get psychological assistance for the trauma? (skip if not)
You ever had a word that you said in practically every sentence?
Are you one of the people who can't stand 'American Idol'?
Have you ever met a celebrity? Who? (if no then write some random thing)
What did you have for dinner 2 weeks ago, on Thursday?
Are you, or know someone who is an atheist?
Aren't Converse All-Stars awesome?
Does TV deteriorate the mind?
How old are you, sir (or ma'am)?
Ever been to IHOP?
Do you know the reason that the sky is blue, or don't you?
Ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut?
Is space scary to you because we are unaware of how wide or long it is?
Which gender is more superior?
Be honest, are you more about looks or personality in a partner?
Do you, or know someone who paints their toenails?
Why is it that you get so bored? Life not exciting enough?
Ever been told you were absolutely nuts?
What is your favorite Airline?
¿Puede hablar usted español?
If you didn't understand that then answer No above (:
Are you hungry?
Does TV deteriorate the mind?
How old are you, sir (or ma'am)?
Ever been to IHOP?
Do you know the reason that the sky is blue, or don't you?
Ever dreamt of becoming an astronaut?
Is space scary to you because we are unaware of how wide or long it is?
Which gender is more superior?
Be honest, are you more about looks or personality in a partner?
Do you, or know someone who paints their toenails?
Why is it that you get so bored? Life not exciting enough?
Ever been told you were absolutely nuts?
What is your favorite Airline?
¿Puede hablar usted español?
If you didn't understand that then answer No above (:
Are you hungry?
Do you like the color purple?
Do you like new or classic music better?
How about in terms of cars? (new or classic)
Have you ever seen your love/crush kissing someone else?
Ever seen a crush/love kissing your friend?
Laptop or Regular computer?
What is your favorite type of weather?
Do you live in Los Angeles or New York?
Ever seen the movie, 'The Wizard of Oz'?
Which is better Jack in the Box mini sirloin burgers or BK'S mini burgers?
Have you ever eaten at Western Sizzlin' or the Sizzler?
Do birds chirp a lot near your home?
Do you have a pet or pets?
Have you ever won a goldfish at a fair/carnival?
Isn't littering wrong?
Do you have a crush? or a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Would/Have you ever cheat(ed) on someone?
Has love been good to you?
Do you like Ford Mustangs?
Is 'hot' a compliment, or a temperature?
Would you rather be an ant, or a whale? (tiny or huge)
Do you know your IQ?
Do you know what IQ stands for?
Did you know there is a 2 year old with an iQ of 156? That's crazy!
What cell phone do you have/or want?
Yahoo or Google? For Email.
Yahoo or Google? As a Search Engine.
Do you ever think that maybe one day pigs WILL fly?
Would you be courageous enough to be a bull fighter?
Which do you say more often, 'Yikes!' or 'Whoa!'?
This is a break for you. No question. Just type any random thing.
i get a break too, you know! (:
Back to business. Do you like the band paramore?
Are you one of those Twilight freaks?
Are you a book worm, or the opposite?
Does music make you more intelligent or decrease your knowledge?
Act like a genius, and sound extraordinarily intelligent right now!
What is your honest opinion on abortion? Would you do it?
Do you or do you not wear a purity ring?
Are you even still a virgin?
Regular bacon or Turkey Bacon?
Do you cuss/swear?
Do you own a watch?
Do you think that sun block truly protects you from harmful UV rays?
Do you know what UV rays stand for?
Is Perez Hilton really the 'Queen of Media'?
Do you know what causes a headache?
Can people's brains actually hurt from thinking TOO hard?
Own a Wii or other video game console?
Have a pair of Vans shoes lying around somewhere?
How often do you pray? If you ever pray at all...
At your school, is/was it called Homeroom or Advisory?
Do you like Coldplay?
Do you spell love: LUV or LOVE?
Can you see the hairs on your face? (not including mustache, or beard)
Do you like Universal Studios?
Are you tired or full of energy currently?
Are you introverted or extroverted or don't know what either means?
Are you REALLY going to post this somewhere?
Are you embarrassed easily?
Isn't photography amazing?
Do you like muffins?
Be honest, do you still, every once in a while, watch Spongebob?
Who came up with the phrase 'Come out of the closet'?
When was the last time you met someone named Nick?
Ever had a crazy dream about your crush? What happened?
Are you in Pacific or Eastern Timing? Or neither?
Do you like meat, or are you a vegetarian?
What was the coolest dinosaur ever?
Congratulations, 100 QUESTIONS COMPLETED! Round of applause.
When did you last get a cramp in your calf?
Did you know a calf is another word for a baby cow?
Ever had growing pains?
Which is worse
Love of being sick or Sick of being loved
Chocolate Moose (the animal) or a Penguin in a Tuxedo (a real one)?
Humans walking on hands or Animals floating upside down?
That was a bit boring, huh? Not long enough, either.
Do you use WiFi or A device that gives you internet access?
Who's the first person near you within a 10 feet radius?
Ever worn a garlic necklace to protect yourself from vampires?
Isn't that silly?
Are you superstitious on Friday the 13th?
Are you a male or a female?
Live in a house, apartment, condo, or other?
Do you drive a car yet?
Do you think that this generation of youth is spoiled and ungrateful?
Do you think that this generation of youth has terrible taste in music?
Ever been complimented on your intelligence?
Have you been insulted because of your intelligence level?
Are you an expert at finding grammatical errors in web documents?
Are/were you good in your English classes in school?
What's your greatest phobia?
Do you give into teenage gossip?
Do you have both of your parents still?
Ever thought that rap stood for 'Retards Attempting Poetry'?
Have you ever contemplated writing your own genre of music?
What is one thing you wish you had? I wish I had a better vocabulary.
Ever read a book for FUN and ENTERTAINMENT instead of television?
Do you need or use glasses or contacts?
Has your wallet or purse ever been stolen off the streets?
Do you wear cologne or perfume daily?
When was your last date?
Do you consider Hollister shoppers to be 'Preps'?
Do you despise or love cheerleaders?
What would you name your first child?
Do you plan on marriage one day?
Do you keep a diary/journal that you ACTUALLY put entries in?
What did you eat for breakfast last Tuesday?
Ever had breakfast at noon?
Ever bought gigantic sunglasses?
Do you like Sees lollipops?
Do you have any siblings?
Would/Do you annoy them like crazy?
Do you have a New Hampshire quarter?
Name to me types of dogs you know:
Do you have a photographic memory?
If you do, try and memorize the next question it will be asked for later.
If I told you that a dollar bill was near your room, would you believe me??
Don't forget it, now. Anywho, do you like Disney singers?
Do you have a pack of huge tacks anywhere?
Do you use fluorescent light bulbs? It's eco-friendly!
Will the polar bears go extinct before you die?
Are you 50% psychic?
Ever bought a turtle?
Ever eaten sushi and hated it?
Is tape really invisible?
Do you like Hot Limon Cheetos?
When did you last eat a Quiznos or Subway sandwich?
Ever heard of a Samwich?
Use red or blue pens more?
What's the weather mostly where you live?
What about temperature?
Where was your last vacation?
Was there a special occasion?
How old were you at your first wedding?
What is your dream job?
Met your true love yet?
Do you know someone who recently found their true love?
What is your favorite continent?
What is the best flavor in the world?
Eat barbeque sauce as a snack?
Are you too stereotypical?
Do you like basketball, football, soccer, or baseball more?
Ever been to FreeRice.com?
So, are you more or less bored since you started?
If on a laptop, how much battery do you have left? I have 65%
How tall are you?
Do you think future generations might see this survey on Bzoink in 2999?
Have you realized that we are in A.D. time?
Just think, 3013 A.D. they might think of us, too. We'd be ancient to them
Are you a compassionate person?
Is the mirror your best friend or your worst enemy?
Your opinion on French Fries:
Do you say potatoes or potaters?
What is your favorite TV series?
What about favorite webpage?
Do you say webpage or website?
Did you know the government was looking at your last sent email?? They were
Is there a UFO within 2,000 miles of you?
What would your reaction be if a meteor was falling into Earth?
What is your greatest accomplishment?
What is your favorite cellular providing company?
What song is the most annoying to you?
Do you have road rage?
Ever been to the South?
Ever saw the great ocean? Which Ocean?
Give yourself another round of applause, 200 questions completed!
You, my friend, deserve another break. No question.... (: CONGRATS
But, we're back to questions. How do you feel?
Ever told someone 'I feel like a million bucks!'?
How does it feel to feel like money? Papery?
Are you literal or not so serious?
If there was a 100 ft tall, 900 lb. spider, would you be frightened?
Ever wondered why you took this LONG survey in the first place
It may NEVER end. How would you feel about that?
Do you use any Instant messaging programs?
Have an email address?
Do you know a homosexual who can't find love?
Are you staring at a stain on a piece of clothing?
Favorite part of the opposite gender:
What word comes to mind when I say monkey?
Do you celebrate holidays?
How many bottles of Windex are at the nearest store?? Find out!!
Ever wanted to pierce something you weren't allowed to pierce?
Please, don't tell me where you wanted it! Instead write something random.
Have you ever experienced heartburn?
Does it really feel like your heart is burning?
When did you last eat popcorn?
Were you toy crazy as a young child?
Are you mature for your age?
Were you ever interested in psychology? The study of the mind.
You ever been in an earthquake? Where was it?
Do you know what the longest survey on Bzoink is?
Well, do you know how many questions it has?
What is your favorite city?
Do you prefer the colon: or the semi-colon;?
Did you realize I wrote that grammatically incorrect?
Sandals or sneakers?
Do your feet sweat in the heat?
What color if your right pinky's nail?
Ever wonder why it's called the 'pinky'? It's not PINK?
Did you know our blood cells are actually blue-ish but turn red in oxygen?
I couldn't say that last question right because of the limited space......
So, what's up?
Who is your best friend?
Who is your favorite cousin?
Are you bored, STILL??
Do you use hand sanitizer?
How many hours of sleep did you get, last time you slept?
What is the current time?
Are you as bored as I am?
Well, how would you know how bored I am compared to your boredom?
CAPS or lower case?
i like lower case, how about you?
What color of eyes is the most beautiful to you?
Do you own a camera?
Have you had lunch today?
How about dinner?
What is the best car ever made?
Is facial hair on men revolting?
Do you like circular or triangular shaped lips? Look closely at them.
Do you have hairy arms?
Which type of food is best Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, or Mexican
How do you greet someone?
Do you agree that swearing is strongly inappropriate at all times?
Have you ever been in love?
In love with someone who you can clearly never have as your own?
What was your childhood comfort item?
What color is your room?
Have an annoying family member?
Do you have a psychologist, lawyer, or medical doctor in your family?
I have a question for you, what did I ask you to remember?
Did you remember it, yes or no?
Have you eaten at Panda Express?
What is the current time?
Are you keeping track of the number of questions you've answered?
You have answered each question honestly, right?
Are you listening to any music?
Put some AWESOME Lyrics here, man!
Do you draw hearts in your notebook? (if you're a girl, if not then skip)
When and where is your next vacation?
How are you planning on getting to this place? Plane, car, boat, etc.
What's your favorite way of transportation?
Can you guess my age?
How old do you think I am?
Check my profile later to see if you're correct (: Type something random.
What color would the sky be, if the ocean was red?
Do you understand the theory of E=MC (I can't do the squared part)
Ebay or Craigslist?
Ever bought magazine-like paper from Kinkos?
What is your favorite flower?
Regular pencils or mechanical pencils?
Has the weather changed since I last asked?
Are you sweating?
Name 3 things you would take with you on a deserted island:
If there was 27 seconds left before the sun exploded, what would you do?
Do you ever wish there was no such thing as 'Last Words'?
Are you deep or shallow?
Are you a rock-a-holic? (for L.A folks only; write something random if not)
Do you own a printer?
What kind of internet do you have? High speed or dial up?
You don't call fat people whales do you? That's wrong!
I find people who have constant moving feet a nuisance. Don't you?
Are you lactose intolerant?
If not, when did you last eat pizza?
Are you currently bloated?
break time.
what color cell phone is best looking?
does it bother you that i am writing all in lower case?
i'll stop, is that okay?
Do you know how to skateboard?
Do you like to write?
Do you like to ride bikes?
Do you like green eggs and ham?
Is curly hair cute or crazy?
Is straight hair awesome or dull?
Are bald people jealous of haired people or not?
Ever used an aspirin for something other than a pain?
Is lipstick disgusting?
What do you do when you're bored?
Have you ever been told that you're too quiet?
What would you like for dinner tomorrow?
Don't you hate when an adult annoys you?
Do you smoke? You shouldn't it's a health hazard.
Do you drink? You shouldn't it's a health hazard.
Are cupcakes delicious or what?
Ever had fun with magnets?
Are you a genius?
Have you ever been told that you were 'Brilliant'?
How was the meteorologist wrong about the weather last time?
Are you engaged?
Do you like Yahoo Answers?
Do you have a favorite spot to sit in?
What is your favorite sport to watch?
What is your favorite sport to play?
Are you even athletic?
Do you watch the Olympics when it's on?
Do you have smiling eyes?
Do you have a good heart? (Doesn't mean medical conditions)
Would you want to be in love right now?
Name one reason why you're bored:
Are you hungry, now?
Ever shopped at Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Hollister?
Ever wore a dress?
What is your race?
Ever been in a race? Did you win?
Are you a sore loser?
Do you need to bathe (shower or bath)?
How many light switches are located in your home?
Is your cell phone ringing right now?
Are you glad?
Last question... Was this a LONG survey?