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Author: tickticktmr
Created: April 24, 2009
Taken: 2,735 times
Rated: G

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100 interesting questions to answer!

Created by tickticktmr and taken 2735 times on Bzoink
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Do you and your parents like any of the same bands/singers?
Is there any food in your bedroom? What?
Do you know anyone who has road rage? Who?
How expensive is too expensive for a pair of shoes?
How far away do your grandparents live from you?
What kinds of cereal are in the cupboard?
Is there anything related to cats in your bedroom?
Whatís the last thing you spent over 10$ on?
Over 30$?
Do you know who lives three houses down from you?
Do you think Canadians all really love maple syrup?
Is there a bulletin board in your room?
Is your mom a big health freak or your dad? Or neither?
Easter or Halloween?
Do you know anyone who wants to be the president one day?
What kinds of chips are in the cupboards?
Do you have your momís or dadís hair?
Whatís the first thing you see when you walk into your bedroom?
Do you prefer the truth, even if itís harsh?
If you were going out with your celebrity crush, what would you wear?
Have you ever skipped history class?
Do you own any yellow clothes?
Do you have any friends who have naturally red hair?
Have you ever cried when a teacher retired?
Does your kitchen looks like it was designed in a completely different deca
Whenís the last time you wore heels?
Do you have your momís or dadís eyes?
Is there anything shiny in the room youíre in?
Whatís the best date movie?
How long has your current best friend been your best friend?
Have your parents ever been out of the country?
Are you older then the last person you laughed with?
How many pairs of jeans, all together, are in your house?
Do you swear and yell while playing video games?
Would you rather name your daughter Andrea or Eva?
Is there any alcohol in the fridge?
If you had to get up at 6am tomorrow morning, would it be painful?
Have you ever seen the last person you watched TV with drunk?
If you were adopted, would you want to know?
Has a best friend ever ditched you for a girlfriend/boyfriend?
Would you rather get a new brother or sister?
Do you know anyone who has grossly skinny eyebrows?
Do you have anything in your room youíve had for ten years or more?
Do your pets chase after bugs?
Would you ever kiss the last person who messaged you on facebook/MSN/etc?
Do eat at home or in restaurants more?
Whenís the last time you were so excited you couldnít sleep? Why?
Audrey Hepburn or Audrey Kicthing?
Do you e-mail more often then you talk on MSN/AIM?
If your best friendís birthday was next week, what would you get them?
What is your momís favorite movie?
How much older is your dad then you?
What TV family reminds you of your own family?
Do you own any flip-flops?
Did you ever really believe that the stork brought babies?
Do you have any relatives who really spoil you?
Are there any drawers in your house that are just filled with junk?
Is the last person you spoke to in love?
How far away is Chicago from where you live?
Do you know anyone who always looks perfect? Who?
Do you know anyone who has security cameras in their house?
Do you think Zac Efron is really that good looking?
What was the last movie to make you cry?
Has anyone you know ever pulled the fire alarm in school, joking around?
What time do you usually go to sleep at sleepovers, if ever?
Who was the main character in the last book you read?
Is the last person you said goodbye to single?
Who are the last people you saw kiss?
Have you ever posted a fan fiction on a website?
Do you ever fantasize about your future wedding? Whoís the bride/groom?
Chapstick or lipgloss?
What was the last unplesant thing to wake you up?
Do you have any friends who are ALWAYS kissing their bf/gf?
Does that get annoying?
Would you rather look at clouds or stars?
If you could trade appearances with the last person you hugged, would you?
Do you have any relatives who are expecting a baby really soon?
Do you ever wonder what the opposite sex do at sleepovers?
When you get married, who will be the maid of honor/best man?
Does your best friend get along with their parents?
If you were to walk to Florida from where you live, would it take long?
Do you understand why 'To kill a mockingbird' is called what it is?
When's the last time you broke plans? Why?
Have you ever been in a wedding? What were you?
Would you feel asfer with an alarm systen or security cameras?
Does the last person you touched smoke?
Do you know someone who is CONSTANTLY texting? Does that annoy you?
Does it matter to you what kind of shampoo you use?
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