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Author: sofay
Created: April 22, 2009
Taken: 1,057 times
Rated: G

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They aren`t desperate for love and affection. No, they`re desperate for you.

Created by sofay and taken 1057 times on Bzoink
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Don`t you hate waking up to a phone ringing?
Who`s better: Luigi or Mario?
Are you scared of flying?
Do you get bored easily?
What colour is the computer you`re using?
Do you spend money too often or are you really stingy?
What was the last thing you ate / drank?
Does it bug you when people go 'Mhm' all the time when you`re talking?
What`s your least favourite accent? Or favourite, if you don`t have one. :P
Do you get all sad when you see roadkill?
Who was the last person you hugged?
Do you give money to those people with collecting tins?
Do you know anybody who you secretly hate but pretend to like?
What`s a book that you strongly recommend?
What can you hear right now?
Do you always go 'What happened to your hair?' to people who`ve had it cut?
How many people do you have on your MSN / AIM contact list?
Did you ever have to make beanbag frogs in Home Economics?
I did. All the rice fell out. :|
Speaking of school, what is / was your favourite class?
What does your favourite t-shirt have on it?
Don`t you just hate visitors who won`t leave?
Do you prefer taking surveys or making them?
What`re you really looking forward to right now?
What did the last text you received say?
Did you ever collect those troll dolls with the fluffy hair?
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Have you ever camped out in your garden?
If you see bats, do you think they`ll get stuck in your hair?
What`s something you keep putting off doing?
Do your initials spell anything cool?
Who`s your favourite family member?
What do you do when you get really worried?
What`s the first recommended video for you on Youtube?
Do you have a messy bedroom?
How long does it take for you to get to sleep at night?
What was the last thing you bought?
Do you keep old shoeboxes?
What colour is the bin in your room?
When was the last time you played hopscotch?
What`s your ideal job?
What pattern does your duvet cover / bedspread / whatever have on it?
When you need comforted who, or what, do you go to?
Do tests stress you out a lot?
What`s a song that can always make you happy no matter what?
What expression do you have on your face the most?
Have you ever joined up your freckles?
What`s one website you`re constantly checking?
Do you like stickers or stamps more?
Is it your birthday soon?
Do you like fireworks and sparklers?
Do odd numbers bug you?
What`s a word that makes you go 'ew'?