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Author: sbaby33
Created: April 21, 2009
Taken: 659 times
Rated: PG

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Random Questions for Teens

Created by sbaby33 and taken 659 times on Bzoink
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The last article of clothing worn that wasnt your own?
Have you ever washed your hair in a lake?
Worst crime committed?
What do you order @ Dunkins, Starbucks, etc?
Your heritage?
How long was your longest relationship? Was he/she worth all that time?
Name one of your unique talents.
Best childhood memory?
Ever jump-start a car?
Name one thing you couldnt live without.
Describe your dream wedding.
The best way to spend friday night?
How do you feel about Superstitions?
Do you liter?
Sunburn/Tan easily?
What do you put on your hotdog?
Is the word "wicked" in your vocabulary?
Are academic grades important?
Where's your haven?
Your last car ride destination?
Ever been on the radio?
Know any good jokes?
Types of trophies achieved?
Your favorite way to travel?
Sleep with socks on or off?
Ever crowd surfed? Where?
Current razor brand?
#1 Fear?
Describe your backpack.
Is there a fireplace in your home?
Last time you went fishing? Did you catch anything?
Do speedos bother you?
Are your fingernails painted?
Name all of the amusement parks youve been to.
How do you feel about chastity?
When's curfew?
Favorite TV Show?
Your cell phone carrier?
Who does your laundry?
Do politics intersest you?
Are you good @ giving directions?
Pool or Ocean?
Book or movie?
Any syblings?
Theatre or Art?
Are you double jointed?
Last person to call you?
Ever made chocolate covered strawberries?
Board game/Video game?
How many windows in your room?
Do you like holding hands?
Do you wear cologne/purfume?
Still own anything from your ex?
Car you drive?
Are you a good cook?
Are you a good kisser?
Your best quality?
Qualities you look for in a friend?
Do you have any anual dream? What is it about?