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Author: angeltee
Created: April 19, 2009
Taken: 267 times
Rated: PG

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100 of My Thoughts

Created by angeltee and taken 267 times on Bzoink
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3 words that describe...
Your personality:
Your friends:
Your family:
Your life:
Your current mood:
Your dreams/goals in life:
Your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend (if you have one):
The person you last talked to:
The room that you are currently in:
The world in your perspective:
Yes/No questions...
Are you creative?
Do you like spending a sunny day outdoors?
Do you get upset easily or over the littlest things?
Do you dislike any of the people in charge of you (i.e: teachers, bosses)?
Do you like to read books/magazines/newspapers?
Are you family-oriented?
Have you ever been friends with someone in the past out of sympathy?
Do/did you ever get nervous around people you are/were crushing on?
Do you believe in global warming?
Are you happy with the way society/the world in general is?
Do you ever question your own religion/beliefs?
Do you preffer today's trends/styles, or ones from the past?
Being too cold or too hot?
Uploading music to your iPod, or buying CDs?
Fruits or vegitables?
Chocolate or vanilla?
Baseball or football?
The mall with a bunch of little stores, or one single, big store?
Rap music or rock and roll?
Roller skates or roller blades?
Horror movies that give you nightmares, or romance that makes you vomit?
Making more friends or making more money?
Living it up and being stupid, or being safe and never pay the price?
Doing more of the talking, or more of the listening in a conversation?
Giving or receiving?
Democrats or republicans (or do you know nothing about politics)?
Cats or dogs?
Playing on the swingsets or the slides (as a kid)?
Would you rather...
Live off of just food for 2 days, or just beverage for 2 days?
Tell a lie and be believable, or tell the truth and still be blamed?
Die at 65 with the love of your life, or live to 85 being single?
Fart and be heard from far away or fart and be smelled from far away?
Be tickled for an hour straight or be woken up by a bucket of cold water?
Have a cabel snap while bunjee jumping or have the bar go up on a coaster?
Have a deadly plague or a nuclear bomb hit your country? (Don't get ideas!)
Lick a frozen telephone pole or stick your hand in dry ice?
Be rejected by your favorite celebrity or by someone you secretly admire?
Give up your favorite food for eternity or eat a bowl of dead spiders?
Make a lot of money at a job you hate or little money at a job you love?
Jump off a bridge or from a moving car?
Music genre:
TV show:
Actor and actress:
Movie/TV genre:
Activity to do out of boredom:
Type of weather:
Subject in school:
Item that you own:
Tourist attraction:
Random questions in your own words...
If you could have any desired super power, what would it be?
What would be your dream job?
Descibe your dream date:
What was the best day of your life like?
What was the worst day of your life like?
If you ever have kids one day, what you you name them?
What's one thing that will bring you out of your worst mood no matter what?
Who's the most annoying person you've ever encountered?
If you could grow up to be like anybody, who would it be?
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
What's your favorite inspirational/famous quote?
Describe your dream ice cream sundae (unlimited toppings):
What comes to mind first when you think of your favorite color?
What's something in your life that you once hated but came to like?
What's something in your life that you once liked but came to hate?
If you could stop any chaos/problem in our world today, what would it be?
What would be the best way to die, in your opinion?
What would be the worst way to die?
If you could give your room a free makeover, what would you do to it?
If you had to give up any of your 5 senses, what would it be?
If you could have an unlimited amount of anything, what would it be?
What's one thing that you like that would probably surprise your friends?
Out of everything in the world, what holds the most meaning to you?
In your opinion, how was this survey?