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Author: xchristinaloux
Created: April 15, 2009
Taken: 108 times
Rated: G

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[[They have us addicted]] All about ur cell

Created by xchristinaloux and taken 108 times on Bzoink
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The Exterior means alot right?
Well what kinda fone u reppin?
Who is the service provider?
Is your fone shiny?
What color?
Does it have a full keyboard?
How about a SIM card?
Does your fone slide up?
Does it slide to the side?
Bar style fone?
Does the charger slot have a cover for it?
Who is the maker of the fone?
Who is the first person who comes up under J?
Under C?
How about D?
Do you have any that start with x,y,z or q?
Which contact do u talk to the most?
Which person do u talk to the least?
How many contacts do you have in your fone?
Do you actually talk to all of them?
How long was your last call with the 2nd person under the letter M?
Got your speed dial set up?
Which contact is number 2 in your speed dial?
Texxtterss (:
What does your last text say?
Who was the last person to send you a text?
What is the ninth message from the bottom?
How about 10th message from the top?
Do you text on a regular basis?
Could you live without textin?
How many texts do you get a month? [[If any]]
Think of a number between 11 && 24
Now use that number && tell me what the correspondin text says
Do you receive alot of picture messages?
If so, what was the last one?
How many texts do you send on a daily basis?
Random ?'s just to make us more jealous of your fone (:
Can you get on the internet?
Is it text enabled?
How about a camera?
Can you block people you dont wanna talk to?
Does it have a really cool dialin font?
How about musical keypad?
What is th best feature on your fone?
Can you play music on it?
How about record your own ringtones?
Did ya like this survey?
Contract people only
When does your contract end?
Does your contract give you n & w etc?
Do your parents use their credit card?
If you could choose another contract provider would you?