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Author: malia11
Created: April 15, 2009
Taken: 380 times
Rated: PG

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YOUR Ex-Boyfriend

Created by malia11 and taken 380 times on Bzoink
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Your Most Memorable Ex..
hair color?
eye color?
how long did you date?
did you kiss?
if so, how long did you wait until you kissed?
did he ask you out, or did you ask him?
how did you break up? [in person, by note, text, etc.]
did you love him?
if so, do you STILL love him?
would you ever date him again?
do you think you ever WILL date him again?
did you go to school with him?
how much older/younger is he than you?
when's his birthday?
did he ever cheat on you?
did you ever cheat on him?
do you miss him?
are you still friends?
what's his middle name?
did you ever lie to him?
what kind of music does he listen to?
is he a gangsta? a prep? a nerd? a goth? an emo?...etc.
do you have a lot in common?
was he taller or shorter than you while you were dating?
Your Most Recent Ex
is he the same as your most memorable ex?
how long ago did you break up?
who broke up with who?
if he called you right now and asked you out, would you date him again?
how long did you date for?
does he have any siblings? if so, did you ever meet them?
do you have a lot in common?
was he the same race as you?
could you picture yourself marrying him?
does/did he play any sports in school?
is he a 'Bad Boy'?
did your parents approve of him?
have you ever met his parents?
does he have any pets?
why did you date him?
is he tall?
does he have brown eyes?
when's the last time you saw him?
are you obsessed with him?
are you his best friend?
does he still flirt with you and vis versa?
are you in love with him?
are you happy that you broke up?
has he ever dated any of YOUR close friends?
would you ever date any of HIS close friends?
would you still kiss him?
how long did you know him& talk to him before you started dating?
is he hot, cute, or ugly?
is he your dream guy?
is he sweet?
does he have a new girlfriend?
have you moved on?
do you two still talk a lot? a little? at all?
Your First Ex
how old were you when you started dating?
how'd you meet?
what was his first name?
did your parents know/approve?
do you still keep in contact with him?
have you dated him since you broke up the first time?
have you even had more than one boyfriend?
did you kiss him?after how long?
how old was he?
who asked who out?
did you ever go on a formal date?
did you ever go to the movies together?
out to eat?
in a limo?
would you go with him to prom if he asked you?
did you ever hold hands?
did the two of you ever go 'too far'?
is he funny?
is he 'cool'?
Your Future Exes..
would you ever date any of your exes again?
how many have you had in total?
do you have a boyfriend right now?
can you picture yourself getting married?
do you want a family?
do you flirt with other guys when you have a boyfriend?
have you ever cheated on any of your boyfriends?
do you think any of your exes are gay?
do you fantasize about any of them?
who was the last ex you had a dream about?
what are your last 4 exes named?
are you in love with one of your exes?
do you wish you'd gone farther with any of them?
would you still?
would you kiss someone without dating them?
would you do anything else without dating them first?
do you have any saved letters, notes, recordings, or texts from your exes?
are any of your exes friends?
are any enemies?
are you friends with ALL of them? some? none?
do you hate any of them?
are any of them with you Right Now?
how do you feel about personal questions?
do you wish you were prettier/cuter/hotter?
do you think you ARE pretty/cute/hot?
EX boyfriends EX boyfriends EX boyfriends
My name is Malia. Do you think that Malia made a good survey?
Can you pronounce the name 'Malia'? [half of my teachers can't.lol] :(
Lastly, will any of your exes read this?