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Author: wondergirl1224
Created: April 14, 2009
Taken: 42 times
Rated: G

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u heard me  

Da Randomness

Created by wondergirl1224 and taken 42 times on Bzoink
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yo home dawg!
hows it hangin?
how do u feel rite now?
u think u would ever get a big gold necklace wit ur name on it?
how do u wear ur hats?
what is ur usual outfit?
what r u wearing?
how do u usually answer ur phone?
what are u currently in to?
do u like that anime crap?
what is ur favorite animal?
did u watch freakazoid when u were little?
how bout the animaniacs?
did u have cable when u were little?
what is ur favorite sport?
what color was ur hair when u were little?
what color were ur eyes when u were born?
what about right now?
what is ur hair like right now?
do u have ur own phone?
do u have unlimited text?
do u have text at all?
how bout the web?
do you have any sibs?
do you like them?
how old is ur mom?
what color is the inside of ur favorite pair of shoes?
do u ever write in ur own language?
how often do u get called a freak?
do u wear jammies?
do u wear aeropostale?
do u like the mall?
what do u think of rednecks?
what school do u go to?
where is ur home?
do u live in the hood?
have u ever been jumped?
have u ever jumped someone?
do u play sports?
if so, which one(s)
do u like pi?
do u like pie?
what was ur kindergarten teachers first AND last name?
did u like this survey?