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Author: jessiieeoxx
Created: April 14, 2009
Taken: 32 times
Rated: G

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Created by jessiieeoxx and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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Would you rather, now be honest
marry your highschool sweetheart or marry a celeb
eat all day or sleep all day
call or text
listen to demi lovato or miley cyrus
dance or sing
watch twilight or titanic
love or be loved
be rich in a small house or poor in a big house
sleepover your best friends house or hang out with a hot guy
read a magazine or read twilight
.. About yourself (:
name 5 friends
what color hair do you have
what color eyes
any siblings
do you have any tattos
want one?
are you self assured or shy
nervous or loud
hyper or calm
do you have any pets
if so how manyy
single.. taken
anything about yourself we should know
do you watch the hills
if so who do you like, heidi or lauren
purple or blue
orange or pink
mustang or viper
school or work
talk or sleep
eat or drink
is rob pattinson hoooottttt
what about taylor launtner
opinions on joe bros
..hannah montana
views on life
what does this word mean to you; optimistic
fish or bird
wii fit or wii sports
xbox or ps2
summer or winter
spring or fall
water or fire
rain or snow
do you have a checking account
is there alot in there
do you play pianio
any other instruments
can you sing
what about the presiednt.. like him
what are you doing
am i boring you
what time is it
what state you in
on spring break
thoughts on abortion
got any homework
favorite vaction spot
did you honestly watch secret life.. every episode