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Author: asweetmystery-
Created: April 10, 2009
Taken: 42 times
Rated: G

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Two kids, one love, who cares if we make it up?

Created by asweetmystery- and taken 42 times on Bzoink
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Do you use Carmex?
How many necklaces do you own?
Where do you feel like going?
Do you call into radio stations to try to win those contests?
Have you ever won anything from them?
What do you think of when you hear
Have you ever owned a duck?
Do you like shopping for baby boys' clothes or baby girls' clothes?
Do you get nervous when you hold babies?
Would you ever have a baby at sixteen?
What if your parents didn't care & you had the money?
What do you doodle?
What's your last name?
Out of your friends, who would be the most fun to go to a concert with?