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Author: dirtt-
Created: April 5, 2009
Taken: 371 times
Rated: PG

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i'm bored, you're bored, let's take a survey!

Created by dirtt- and taken 371 times on Bzoink
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the basic stuff.
what's your full name?
how old are you?
where do you live?
your worst habit?
your best physical feature?
how many siblings do you have?
your music?
how tall are you?
why do you take these surveys?
your crush/significant other.
what's their name? if i may be so bold.
how long have you known them?
how long have you been crushin' on them?
their best physical feature?
their worst?
the greatest thing about them?
and the worst?
best memory with them?
do you think this crush/ relationship will last?
your friends.
out of all your friends, who is the best?
who is the one that you secretly don't lilke?
who is the one who always gossips?
who can drink the most?
who eats the most?
who is the loudest?
who is the one who always gets in trouble?
who is the one with the coolest parents?
who is the most fashionable?
who is always late?
who is most likely to adopt a pet chicken?
who likes to argue the most?
the place where you learn.
what grade are you in?
do you have any spares, or a full schedual?
who is the coolest teacher?
and who is the most annoying?
do you always get your homework done?
what's your best subject?
do you skip class often?
have you ever failed a class?
if so, which class was it?
do you have a certain group of friends that you stick with at school?
your family.
do you live with both your parents?
how many people live in your house in total?
what's the best thing about your family?
and the worst?
do you get along with your siblings?
do you get along with your parents?
what's your favorite memory you have with your family?
have you ever hated your parents so much, you wanted to runaway?
if you could, would you sell any of your siblings?
what annoys your parents most about you?
do you parents even let you date?
the rebellious stuff.
do you drink on a regular basis?
do you smoke daily?
have you parents ever searched your room or personal belongings?
have you ever snuck out?
one thing about the craziest party you ever went to.
have you ever been caught skipping class?
have you ever runaway?
have you ever gotten into a fist fight?
ever been suspended?
what brand is your cellphone?
what channel do you watch most on tv?
have any deep dark secrets you want to share?
do you like to wear colorful clothes?
what is your favorite flavor?
ever slow danced with anyone?
how many cats have you ever had in your lifetime?
what if you could only eat meat for the rest of your life?
do you have a youtube account?
do you have fun birthday parties?
what colors have you dyed your hair?
anything about your life you wish you could change?
do you think guys taking baths is kinda fruity?
have any twisted fantasies you want to share?
does proactive really work?
are you addicted to chapstick like me?
what is your favorite color?
are you a morning person, or a night owl?
do you wear deoderant every single day?
kisses or hugs?
do you use the word "rawr" frequently?
what time is it this very second?
how many months until your birthday?
have any plans for the summer?
did you enjoy this survey? i know i enjoyed creating it ;)