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Author: frenchfreak
Created: April 5, 2009
Taken: 90 times
Rated: G

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Perfect myspace quizzzzzz please take!!!!!!!!

Created by frenchfreak and taken 90 times on Bzoink
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questions u get asked all the time...
what's your name???
how old are you???
how many friends do you have???
middle name??
last name [[if you want to]]
what kind of musiq do you listen to???
do you have a crush on any1??
what does their name start with???
what is your fav movie???
reality tv show??
do you have a pet? what is its name?
are you listening to musiq right now???
next step: the friendz
do you love your friends???
if you had to choose between your boyfriend or your bestfriedn, who???
what is your best friend's name?
do you call them often?
how many times a day?
do you e-mail or text them alot???
do they invite you to slumber parties???
do you invite them to your slumber parties???
are you popular at school???
do you and your friends get good grades?
i sure hope so. how about chores? do you have a lot?
do you talk to you friends and call some more on 3-way???
do you guys have interesting or funny conversations???
do you know their favorite show??? if so, what is it???
next: tv shows
do you like fresh prince of bel air???
do you like family guy?
what about the boondocks?
and robot chicken?
ed edd n eddy?
thats so raven?
are your eyes glued to the tv ALL THE TIME???
even when there's nothing on???
do you laugh a lot?
do you fall asleep during movies?
do you go to them all the time?
if so, with who???
whats your fav movie?