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Author: -iloveyou
Created: April 1, 2009
Taken: 119 times
Rated: G

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Created by -iloveyou and taken 119 times on Bzoink
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Person you texted
Person who texted you
Person who called you
Thing you ate
Thing you drank
Time you brushed your teeth
Time you washed your face
Time you went outside
Person you said hi to
Vegetable you ate
Fruit you ate
Person you dated
Person you IMed
TV show you watched
Song you listened to
Thing you cooked
Time you logged onto Myspace
Time you attended school
Thing you took a picture of
Time you swam
Person you hugged
Person you said I love you to
Song you sang along to
Book you read
Movie you watched
Time you laughed
Shoes you wore
Person you got in a fight with
Time you laughed so hard you cried
Time you were in a hot tub
Restaurant you went to