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Author: xxtinklovesuxx
Created: March 29, 2009
Taken: 451 times
Rated: PG

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Created by xxtinklovesuxx and taken 451 times on Bzoink
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Do you have anything that belongs to your ex
Are you trying to avoid somebody at the moment
Do you have nice eyes
Whose birthday is coming up
Were you happy when you woke up
Do you plan on moving in the next year
What was the best movie you have seen in the past two weeks
If you were to marry the last person you texted what would ur last name be
Is there that one guy/girl that you'll always have feelings 4 no matter wat
When was the last time you were told you were cute or hot
Last night, did you got to sleep smiling
Any summer pland for 2009
What do you think of Shia LaBeouf
Have you ever quoted a line from a movie
Do you have a bad temper
Still speak to any of your classmates from elementary school
Do you remember the LAST rated R movie you saw
Who was the last peron you talked to in person today
Do you have any obsessions
When someone says 'we need to talk', what do you think
Are you stay up later than ten o''clock? On a week night
How did you get your last bruise
Is there anyone you want to come see you
Was your last kiss drunk or sober
Tell me what's on your mind
Have you ever kissed anyone who's name stated with a J, D or B
Who is your number one person on your top friends
How much money do you have on you
At this very moment, what are you doing
How do you feel about girls who smoke
Are you excited for the weekend
What are your plans for the weekend
Did you enjoy the movie Twilight
Are most of you're friends older or younger than you are
Anyone you were good friends, that you no longer get along with
Where's you're phone at
Who has hurt you the most in the past year? Do you still care for them
Who owns the last two cars you rode in
Was your last kiss a mistake
Do you curse