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Author: rocker112233s
Created: March 26, 2009
Taken: 317 times
Rated: G

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Pokemon Survey #1

Created by rocker112233s and taken 317 times on Bzoink
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There are many kinds of Pokemon (Be creative)
Describe Pokemon in one word?
Do you think they are wondrous?
Do you think you know the secrets about their way of life?
Do you like finding Pokemon in fields or seas better?
Would you rather go in a cave or in the snow in Pokemon?
If you were a Pokemon, would you want to have a Trainer or be a Wild one?
Do you know how many kinds of Pokemon there are?
What is your favorite Pokemon?
Acquire Pokemon
How do you normally acquire Pokemon?
Which do you like better: catching Pokemon or battling Pokemon?
What was your very first Pokemon?
What is your favorite evolved-form Pokemon?
What is your favorite Pokemon move?
What starter did you pick - Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander?
What starter did you pick - Chikorita, Totadile, or Cyndaquil?
What starter did you pick - Mudkip, Torchic, or Trecko?
What starter did yoPiu pick - Piplup, Turtwig, or Chimchar?
Whats your favorite baby Pokemon?
Have you ever traded a Pokemon?
What was the trade?
Was it worth it in the end?
Do you level up your Pokemon early in the game so its super easy?