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Author: holloway
Created: March 22, 2009
Taken: 165 times
Rated: G

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Nobody gets out alive anyways.

Created by holloway and taken 165 times on Bzoink
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how do you occupy yourself from boredom?
how do you respond to really long surveys?
do you dislike "your mama" jokes?
ever been so stunned, no words came out?
as you become older, what are you going to miss as a child?
why do people complain about the silliest things?
do you know what "if there's a will, there's a way" actually means?
name something you dislike about this site:
do you know any quotes by abraham lincoln you'd like to spill?
last food/drink you released upon yourself:
appromixate: how many books you have judged by their covers:
choose: finding out you love a teacher, or the nerdy kid next door?
are you obsessive over edward cullen?
would you rather have someone steal your desires, or your inspirations?
pick: rather be stuck in a hospital for 6 days, or the army for 2? Why?
opinion: on surveys that begin with your name, age, etc?
would you rather eat your hand, or give up a family member? Why?
which: eat 1,000 slugs, or go to summer school?
do you know any people who cuss in every sentence?
ever written that you were going to end your life?
ever put fake bugs around your house to scare someone?
is there a reason you have the name you do?
how do you feel when: you give money to charities?
do you have a specific charity you donate too?
if your school is trying to raise money, do you participate?
hot pockets: banned, or make more of?
what degree do you need to get where you want to be in life?
do you make fun of people for the way they talk?
choose: the best song by green day?
blurt out a random inappropriate word: