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About This Survey

Author: ashley-justice
Created: March 21, 2009
Taken: 100 times
Rated: PG

*About Guys*

Created by ashley-justice and taken 100 times on Bzoink
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Favorite colors:
Favorite movie:
Favorie music:
Favorite tv show:
Favorite junk food:
Favorite food:
Favorite non-alcoholic drink:
Favorite alcoholic drink:
Favorite radio station:
Where do you shop at the most:
Favorite type of shoes:
Got a tattoo:
Got a piercing:
Went skinny dipping:
Made out on a roof top:
Danced in public:
Done something illegal:
Cried over someone:
Been arrested:
been in a fight:
sung in front of a large croud:
liked someone and didnt tell them:
wanted something so bad but you couldnt have it:
been in love:
blue or green:
dancing or singing:
rock or rap:
shoes or flip flops:
guitar or drums:
pepsi or coke:
family or friends:
going out or staying in:
music or television:
texting or calling:
blonde's or brunettes:
hot or cold:
dog or cat:
love or lust:
spring or summer:
Who do you love/like?
kiss on the first date:
Ideal date:
Ever told someone you loved them and only knew them a day:
Believe in love at first sight:
Ever gave an engagment ring:
Still have feelings for an ex:
Ever cheated on someone:
Someone ever cheated on you:
Ever had your heartbroken:
Ever broken anyone's heart:
Do you ever want to get married:
Who was the last person you kissed:
Would you kiss them again:
Do you believe in second chances: