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Author: eyeheartyou
Created: March 20, 2009
Taken: 267 times
Rated: G

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Created by eyeheartyou and taken 267 times on Bzoink
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are you one of those people who's close with their family?
what is your normal after school routine?
what flavors of gum did you chew today?
describe the last cup you drank out of.
when harry met sally or a walk to remember?
have you ever seen a crocodile in real life?
snow boarding, or water skiing?
who do you find yourself talking to most in your 1st, 4th, and 7th periods?
in one word, tell me about the last break up you went through.
who was the last person you saw naked, or nearly naked?
why did you see them like this?
what color is your tooth paste?
what's the cutest thing you've seen lately?
do you remember the show out of the box?
how about rollie pollie ollie? were you a fan of that?
what's your favorite kind of cake?
what's your opinion on long hair on guys?
do you, or are you supposed to wear retainers?
ever had a tire swing?
what is the background on your computer?
when did you last shower?
when's the last time you wrote an actual note with pencil and paper?
are you a picky eater?
do you think shows like what not to wear are too harsh on people?
is there a certain food that your mother/grandmother is just famous for?
what show did you watch the most when you were little?
how much time do you get to spend with your significant other?
who's a person you've spoken to lately that you hadn't in a while?
what's an online store that you're dying to order from?
did what you wore today match?
how long is your hair?
when's the last time you went to the park, and who were you with?
the last time you went to your grandparent's house, was there a reason?
what do you need from the mall right now?
have you ever swung on a grape vine?
who comes to mind when i say "cartoons"?
clouds or stars?
tell me one thing that's found outdoors that you're afraid of.
how many profile views do you have?
when's the last time you had ice cream, and what kind was it?
did you play in the creek and catch minnows when you were little?
do you look people in the eyes when you talk to them?
does it bug you if people don't look at you while you're talking to them?
when is the last time you had a good nap?
who was the last person to comment you?
are you in love right now?
are you on your period?
do you think your parents have done a good job of raising you so far?
is your foot asleep?
who was the last person you raced?
forehead kisses make you melt?
what movies are you wanting to see right now?
what color was the last thing you drank?
how many tabs and windows combined are open on your computer?
do you use eye shadow?
what's your relationship with the last person you spoke to in person?
have you ever carved your name in a picnic table, etc.?
who was the last person to sit on your porch?
tell me a random fact about yourself.
like comments, picture comments, bulletin comments, or messages better?
are you picky about who you date, or will you give anyone a chance?
do you like to tie ribbons in your hair?
what color is your tooth brush?
do you like to play your music on shuffle?
when did you last brush your teeth?
have you honestly ever cheated on someone?
are there any read messages in your inbox that you're just too lazy to repl
where do you go to church at?
are you ashamed to be seen with your parents, or older family members?
do you type without ever looking at the keys?
where did you get all of the items on your body right now, (jewelry include
if you have any videos on your myspace, who's in them?
how many people have you kissed in your lifetime?
who last commented a picture of yours?
do you prefer pancakes or waffles?
what do you find yoursel googling the most?
last time you looked in the mirror, what were you thinking?
if you're hungry, what are you thinking about fixing yourself to eat?
is there someone that you just feel really cool when you're hanging with th
what do you usually listen to music on?
what technological item is your favorite?
who's your favorite judge on american idol?
how many different colors have you died your hair?
are you one of those people who never really show their arms?
are you a person who uses a cover on everything? (ie - phones, ipods)?
what color is your flash drive?
who's your favorite singer that is on, or has ever been on american idol?
are you on any sort of team?
are you a fan of the following smiley: = P?
do you have problems with acne?
if you're listening to a song, and can see the time elapsed, tell me how lo
does your phone have a keyboard?
what kind of bag do you carry to school?
what brand is your computer?
are you obsessed with any certain famous person?
what does your mom do with your clothes after she gets 'em out of the dryer
do you get ready in a particular order in the mornings, or just however?
last time you used a lint roller?
what did you have for lunch today?
are you more likely to be seen at the church or at the bar?
what volume level is your tv and/or computer colume on?
most important 7 words of the last song you listened to.
what's your outlook on fish?
ever had some type of surgery?
do you or your family rely a lot on credit cards?
when was the last time you drove?
tell me where you find your surveys.
what's the last thing you ate that changed the clor of your tongue?
what do you currently smell?
what do you do on sundays?
do you know how to ice skate?
do you see any pieces of candy from where you're sitting?
what color are your nails right now?
do you actually like the smell of finger nail polish remover?
what kind of car were you in last?
do any of your friends smoke?
have you been tagged in one of those pictures with all the labeled people?
notepad or wordpad?
what did you get for valentine's day this year?
what kind of toolbars do you have?
have you ever lied about your age, in order to have some sort of account?
Search "sarah" in your myspace friends, and tell me how many people come up
what all have you done today?
round or long balloons?
is there anyone that you are always sure to read their surveys?