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Author: mirthlessdoll
Created: March 20, 2009
Taken: 559 times
Rated: G

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Created by mirthlessdoll and taken 559 times on Bzoink
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What kind of phone do you have?:
What color is it?:
What is your background?:
What is your ring tone?:
What does your last text message say?:
Who is it from?:
Who is your last received picture message from?:
Who is your last sent picture message too?:
What does the 7th text in your inbox say?:
What does the 11th text in your sent (out) box say?:
Who was your last call from?:
Who was your last call too?:
What does the FIRST text message in your inbox say?:
How many contacts do you have?:
First contact whose name begins with S:
Last person you added to your contacts?:
Who do you text the most?:
What is your favorite text message out of all the ones you have?:
What is the 9th picture on your phone of?:
What's the second video on your phone of?:
Do you have any saved voice mails?:
Who was your last missed call from?:
If you have speed dials, who is number 3?:
Do you use any mobile IMs on your phone?:
What does your 4th draft message say, and why didn't you send it?:
Is your phone on ring, vibrate, or silent?:
Do you have a lock on your phone?:
Got anything to hide on your phone?:
Have you kissed anyone in your contacts?:
Who did your last wrong number ask for?:
Do you have any events saved in your calender?:
If you use IM, who is your last saved IM from?:
Who in your contacts list has the most interesting name?:
How many sent text messages do you have?:
Who do you talk to on the phone most?:
What does your 16th sent text message say?:
What is the first picture, that's not of you, on your phone?:
Do you have any locked pictures or text messages?:
Who was your 27th text message from?:
What did it say?:
Do you like myspace, texting, or talking on the phone better?:
Are you addicted to texting?:
Any events in in your planner?:
Take any pictures with your phone today?: