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Author: raarizard
Created: March 17, 2009
Taken: 153 times
Rated: G

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This survey has an amazingly awesome title to get your attention.

Created by raarizard and taken 153 times on Bzoink
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Let's start off with formalities...
Who are you?
Why are you?
How are you?
Where are you?
When are you?
What are you?
...moving on to the more water-based questions...
Have you ever thought about how fish sleep?
Shark vs Aligator - who do you want to win?
Aren't Aligators and Crocodiles basically the same thing?
Ever fancied a trip to the Bermuda Triangle?
Have you ever eaten fudge?
Do you like the rain?
Do you like snow?
Do you like rainbows?
If an elephant is a hippopotamus, who is the zookeeper?
Have you ever tried swimming like a dog?
Do you have an overwhelming fear of crabs?
Do you have an overwhelming fear of drowning?
...moving on to the drink-based questions?...
Have you ever sold homemade lemonade?
Do you even know how to make homemade lemonade?
Are you drinking right now?
Where is the nearest source of water to you at this very moment in time?
You have a choice between food and water - you pick?
Have you ever drank something that tasted funny?
If alcohol didn't exist, what do you think the world would be like?
The next time you see a friend, will you offer them a drink?
Would you rather drink yourself to death or sleep yourself to death?
...now the fun times begin!...
Where did you sit last time you went to the cinema?
Have you ever ridden a magic carpet?
You've dreamt about your feet, haven't you?
Could you describe one of your friends in one word only?
Why that word?
Merry-go-round VS Big Wheel - what wins?
A pot of gold really IS at the end of the rainbow...are you going after it?
Do you remember anything from when you were four years old?
Candy canes or glow sticks?
Do you know what sunshine buddies are, and do you have one?
Do you think humans will ever become extinct?
Have you ever owned a Henry Hoover?
Do you collect straws?
...I'm hungry, let's talk food!...
Grapes - red or green? Seedless or not fussed?
Forget about what's good for you - your perfect meal would be...
Back to the asparagus...you ever tried it? You likeeee?
The world runs out of icecream and it's up to you to invent more...ok?
When you go buy food shopping, what's usually in your bag by the end of it?
Could you cook for yourself if you were left alone for two weeks?
What do you think you could eat forever and not get sick of?
Is this part of the quiz making you hungry?
You're making a sandwich - describe what you're doing?
What would happen if everyone in the world became vegans?
What's the most bizarre food you have ever tried?
Would you eat it again?
What do you eat when you go to the movies?
And to finish off the food questions...what's your opinion on...POTATOES?
...I can't think of a title for these questions, shoot me...
Where are the balloons?
The end is nigh...are you saddened?
Do you have an opinion on the greatest of this survey?
Ok, it's not over yet! Have you ever been on a helicopter?
What do you imagine life is like for a frog?
I like cake - would you make me some, even though you can't give me it?
Do you think anyone will copy & paste this from you?
Guess how many questions you've answered so far...?
No...I don't know either! :3 Do you listen to music?
Favourite band?
Oh yeah, I just asked you something run-of-the-mill. Do you like cellotape?
If dinosaurs still existed - would you be scared, or befriend them?
Do you prefer building sandcastles or snowmen?