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Author: nicky015
Created: March 16, 2009
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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witch tv shows are best?

Created by nicky015 and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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Bleach or Code Geass?
Inuyasha or Big O?
Family Guy or American Dad?
South Park or King of the Hill?
Rob and Big or Made?
Wildboys or Jackass?
Spongebob or Fairly Odd Parents?
Cowboy Bebop or Ghost In the Shell?
Wizards of Waverly Place or Sonny with a Chance?
That So Raven or Hannah Montana?
Pokemon or Didgimon?
Yu Gi Oh or Naruto?
Jimmy Nutron or Ned's Declassified school survival?
wat is ur fav show
wat is ur worst show u hate?