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Author: poofoosdragon
Created: March 15, 2009
Taken: 8 times
Rated: G

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all about me   crazy  

all Eyes on me, in the center of the ring, Just like a circus

Created by poofoosdragon and taken 8 times on Bzoink
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do you pick your nose?
in public?
whatabout scratching your self
do you like to flap your arms making birddy noises?
are you know as the crazy one?
the quiet one?
do they call you Advice Boy/Girl?
wanna be on tv?
have you ever been on the radio?
if you made a cd what would it be called
and your autobiography?
if you were in a movie what it be
can you discribe it
has your mom ever smacked you for making a sceen in plublic?
when people first meet you, are they afraid?
what's your favorite carpet
what websites have you been on today
isn't that girl on the pc comercial soo cute?
what do you think of dogs that can skateboard
can you sing me a song?
tell me a story?
how would you translate this conversation "blueblablabla?" "oogu ootoo ta"
do you ever wish there was another world on the otherside of your closet.
is beeing on stage the best feeling
why dont they make clocks that run on a 24 hour cicle
if you could run bzoink for a day, what would you do
what do you think your pets do when your not home
why dont they make giant mms like they do hurshey kisses
what would be the sweetist day
what is your favorite pare of socks