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Author: hollyhorror
Created: March 14, 2009
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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You broke my heart, very literate...

Created by hollyhorror and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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On your mark... Get set... GO!
So, what's your name?
How young are you?
What color are your windows to the soul? [Your eyes]
Do the hairs on your head match those you had at birth?
Yes? What color would that be?
No? What color are they now?
From what point do you look at the world? [Your height]
Are you happy with that?
No? How tall/small would you like to be?
What day did you enter this wonderful world?
Do you know your zodialogical sign?
What do you think about my little word creation up there? Pretty cool, eh?
Have any brothers or sisters?
Do they annoy you?
Do you own a petting zoo? [Have any pets?]
School? Ew...
Have you been fresh meat yet?
Describe your experience...
Private or Public school?
Do you like it there?
So, what drives you to actually go to school each day?
Do you have a favorite subject?
What subject does your favorite teacher teach?
What about your least favorite subject?
Do you like that teacher?
Do you have a best friend?
Are they a lot like you, or the complete opposite?
Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?
Are they older or younger than you?
Do you eat school food?
What is your favorite meal that your school serves?
So... what's in that locker of yours?
First of all, do you even have a locker?
What about a locker partner?
Is that person your best friend?
If not, do you trust them to not take you things while you're away?
How many times do you visit your locker a day?
Do you have a mirror in your locker?
What color is your locker?
Is there any graffiti on it that you know of?
Is any of the graffiti written/drawn by you?
Do you know your locker number? [Not your combination]
Is your locker messy?
How often do you organize things inside of it?
Can you find things in it when you need them?
Are there any clothes in your locker?
A "typical" school day...
First period; what class is it?
Do you like that class?
How about the teacher?
Second period; what class is it?
Do you like the class?
Is the teacher a wench?
Third period; what subject is it?
Is it a fun class?
Is the teacher a dork?
Fourth period; what does the teacher teach?
Does it seem to go on forever?
What is the teacher like?
Fifth period; what subject is it?
Do you currently have any homework in that class?
Does the teacher like you?
Sixth period; what is your gateway to freedom?
Are there many people in that class?
Does the teacher make the subject fun?
What time does the last bell of the day ring?
Your best friend... <3
Is it a he, she or a monkey?
Do they have a nickname?
Do they know that you use that nickname for them?
Do they have a nickname for you that you know about?
Is it a funny one?
Or a stupid one?
Do they like the same things as you?
What color are their hairs?
Through what color do they see the world? [Eye color]
Have you ever put make-up on each other?
Did you take pictures when you did?
How long have you known this person?
Do their parents like your parents?
Do you get to hang out often?
Are you both in the same grade?
Are they in a relationship?
Do you approve of their significant other?
Music! *La-Di-Freekin-La*
What do you listen to the most often?
Do you like Metal?
How about Pop?
Alternative rock?
Punk rock?
'Emo' rock?
Do you like your music really loud, or just loud enough to hear it?
Do your parents like your music?
Do you like My Chemical Romance?
How about the Used?
Maybe Bullet for My Valentine?
Or maybe you like Ozzy?
Def Leppard?
Chris Brown?
Lil' Wayne?
Trace Adkins?
Toby Keith?
Mindless Self Indulgence?
The Ting Tings?
Black Flag?
The Casualties?
Rage Against the Machine?
Beastie Boys?
The Beatles?
John Lennon?