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About This Survey

Author: livedreaminspirehope
Created: March 14, 2009
Taken: 153 times
Rated: G

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Yet Another Massive Pointless Survey

Created by livedreaminspirehope and taken 153 times on Bzoink
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All About You
Hair Color?
Eye Color?
Skin Color?
Clothing Size?
Shoe Size?
Mom's Name?
Dad's Name?
Siblings's Name/s?
Current Mood?
Single Or Taken?
Current Occupation?
Place Of Birth?
Current Home?
This Or That
Love Or Money?
Happiness Or Money?
Friends Or Family?
TV Or Music?
Dancing Or Singing?
Food Or Drink?
Peanut Butter Or Jelly?
Behaving Older Or Behaving Younger?
Brains Or Beauty?
Looks Or Trust?
Starbucks Or Subway?
Model OrActor?
Judge By Person Or Looks?
Hugs Or Kisses?
Drink Or Drugs?
Plan Ahead Or Take Each Day As It Comes?
Peircings Or Tattoos?
MySpace Or Facebook?
Walk Or Take The Bus ?
Recycle Or Bin?
Have You Ever/Would You?
Hugged A Stranger?
Kissed A Stranger?
Made Out With A Stranger?
Stayed At Someones House You Don't Know?
Pretend To Remember Someone?
Sang From The Rooftops?
Danced In The Rain?
Cried For No Reason?
Cried Yourself To Sleep?
Laughed So Hard You Cried?
Laughed At Nothing?
And Have The Got Weird Looks?
Got On The Wrong Bus?
Got On The Wrong Train?
Lost Your Cell Phone?
Lost Your Keys?
Lost A Pet?
Lost A Friend?
Lost A Family Member?
Blamed Yourself For Them Going?
Run Down The Street Naked?
Sing Randomly?
Pick A (totally) Random Person From Your Friends List...
What Is Their Name?
How Old Are They?
Where Do They Live?
Do You Actully Know Them?
Have They Ever Been To Your House?
Have You Ever Been To Theirs?
Are They A Good Friend?
Have You Held Their Hand?
Have You Hugged Them?
Have You Kissed Them?
Do You Have Their Number?
Do They Have Yours?
Have They Hurt You?
Have You Hurt Them?
Do You Love Them?
Last Person....
You Saw?
You Spoke To?
You Hugged?
You Kissed?
You Thought Of?
You Cried Over?
You Laughed Over?
Said I Love You Too?
To Tell You They Love You?
To Stay At Your House?
You Bought Something For?
To Call You?
You Told Something Private To?
Finish The Sentence...
I Am......
I Love....
If I Were...
I Wish.....
I Hate.....
I Want....
If Only...
If I Could....
I Like....
I Saw...
I Need...
If I Could Be...
In The Future....
My Heart....
Three Things ONLY!!!
You Love...
You Hate...
You Would Like To Be....
You Can't Live Without...
You Want.....
Three Wishes...
Three People...
Your Fave Drinks..
Your Fave Foods?
Best Places To Hang Out?
Best Movies?
Best Songs?
Best Band?
Best Quotes?
Do You Believe In?
The Devil?
Sex Before Marrage?
Equal Rights?
Gay Marrage?
Your Friends?
Your Family?
Name A Song From....
Rascal Flatts?
My Chemical Romance?
Keith Urban?
The Saturdays?
The Corrs?
Vincent Black Shadow?
Girls Aloud?
Missy Elliot?
Faith Hill?
Martina McBride?
Josh Groban?
Linkin Park?
Avril Lavinge?
Whitney Huston?
Alica Keys?
Can You?
Ride A Horse?
Drive A Car?
Roll Your Tounge?
Do A Backflip?
Do The Splits?
Ride A Bike?
Ice Skate?
Walk In Heels?
Dye Hair?
Cut Hair?
Live Without Your Cell?
Without Your Make-Up?
Without Your House?
Without Your Friends?
Without Your Family?
Do You Like Dogs?
Whats Your Fave Chocolate?
Are You Funny?
Do You Trust Easy?
What Are You Doing Right Now?
What Is The Time?
You Didn't Know You Just Checked Didn't You?
Do You Like Pink?
What Are You Scared Of?
Why Are You Still Doing This Survey?
You Must Be Real Bored?
What Are You Going To Do Now?