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Author: lildiva1988
Created: March 13, 2009
Taken: 9 times
Rated: PG

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thats what goin on

Created by lildiva1988 and taken 9 times on Bzoink
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What is ur name?
What should u do right now?
Are u happy?
Are u taken?
Tell me something u cant wait for:
Do u do ur own launtry?
Last time u did recieve a letter?
Black or gray?
Summer or winter?
What u gonna name ur child if u ever should have one?
Is it ur fav. name?
Where do u wanna live one day?
Any bad habbits?
When u love someone do u do everything for them?
Do u live with ur family?
Do u talk often to ur mam and dad?
Could u live by urself right now?
Do u work?
Do u regret anything?
Why u not with ur ex no more?
Do u still have feelings for him/her?
Anything u lookin forward in the next 3 weeks?
What do u wish for right now?
Did u do anything stupid today?
Who was the last person u did talk to today?
Last person u did send a text?
Do/Did u like school?
Why/why not?
Do u own a laptop or a computer?
What u had for lunch?
What u gonna have for dinner?
Any plans for this weekend?
Who would u like to have next to u right now?
Does this person wants to be next to u to?
Does that person means anything to u?
Could u live with that person?
Ever had sex with that person?
Is this person someone u could spent the rest of ur life with?
Do u wanna spent the rest of ur life with that person??