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Author: blackcat87
Created: March 11, 2009
Taken: 72 times
Rated: G

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Marketing your Interests

Created by blackcat87 and taken 72 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

What would interest you the most on an online Music/Movies/Games section?
Career tips are very important, which area would you be most likely to use?
Education is the key to success, which one would concern you the most?
Money Management is essential in todays economy, which would you likely use
Sports and Health keeps us active, which interests you the most
How would you want to keep updated with the latest cars and technology?
Everyone likes to look good, what personal/grooming tips would you use?
We all need advice in our lives which advice would you most likely use?
Having a good time is why we live life, what would interest you the most?
What is you gender?
What is you age?
On average, how many hours a week do you spend online, excluding email?
How would you clasify your internet experience and knowledge?
Do you have internet access on your phone?