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Author: svitanek
Created: March 5, 2009
Taken: 229 times
Rated: PG

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Stuck in the Harry Potter world with you and 8 friends

Created by svitanek and taken 229 times on Bzoink
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Stuck in the Harry Potter world with you and 8 friends
Your Name:
First Boy:
Second Boy:
Third Boy:
Fourth Boy:
First Girl:
Second Girl:
Third Girl:
Fourth Girl:
The Hogwarts Express
Did you see Harry Potter?
Who tripped while walking down the train isle?
Who was trying to practice magic with their wand?
Who was so stoked they could barely stand it?
Who threw a disgusting look at Draco Malfoy?
Who was determined to be in Slytherin?
Who wanted to go home?
The Sorting Ceremony
You get sorted into Gryffindor:
First boy gets sorted into Gryffindor:
Second Boy gets sorted into Hufflepuff:
Third Boy gets sorted into Gryffindor:
Fourth Boy gets sorted into Ravenclaw:
First Girl gets sorted into Slytherin:
Second Girl gets sorted into Ravenclaw:
Third Girl gets sorted into Slytherin:
Fourth Girl gets sorted into Hufflepuff:
Who skips classes?
Who becomes friends with Hagrid?
Who flirts with Hermione Granger?
Who decides to cut up their uniform to make it look sexier?
Who still uses their cell phone?
Who walks around at night?
Who decides to play “seeker” in Quidditch?
Who falls in love?
Who still date even though they’re in different houses?
Which one out of you and your friends become Head Boy?
Which one becomes Head Girl?
Boy Three and Boy Four decide to duel one another. Who dies?
Who enters the Triwizard Tournament?
Who refers to Voldemort as “You-Know-Who”?
Who goes off and becomes a death eater?
Okay… Two people are gone… How is…
Girl One?
Girl Two?
Girl Three?
Girl Four?
Boy One?
Boy Two?
Boy Three?
Boy Four?
A few months later...
Girl Two’s family gets killed by Voldemort. How do people respond?
Boy Four drops out of school. How do people respond?
Girl Three starts dating Harry Potter. How do people respond?
Boy Two wins the lottery of ten million dollars. What does he do?
You & Girl One finds out you're both pregnant. How do you both respond?
Boy One kills Voldemort. How does everyone respond?