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About This Survey

Author: muahxox
Created: February 28, 2009
Taken: 7,901 times
Rated: PG

100 Truths About Me

Created by muahxox and taken 7901 times on Bzoink
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The Basics
Full Name?
Current Hair Color?
Natural Hair Color?
Long or Short Hair?
Tall or Short?
Righty or Lefty?
Elementary School?
Middle School?
High School?
Wear glasses/contacts?
First Best Friend?
First Time You Moved?
First Celebrity Crush?
First Teacher?
First Scary Movie?
First Pet?
Last Thing You Ate?
Last Thing You Drank?
Last Person You Texted?
Last Person You Called?
Last Song You Listened To?
Last Time You Cried?
Last Book You Read?
Last Time You Painted Your Nails?
Next Trip You'll Go On?
Next Thing You're Going To Eat?
Next Book You'll Read?
Next Thing You'll Do After This Survey?
TV Show?
Clothing Store?
Day of the Week?
Have You Ever...
Been in the Hospital?
Had Surgery?
Failed a Grade?
Been Drunk?
Been Arrested?
Been Camping?
Stayed Awake Longer That 24 Hours?
Studied Abroad?
Been in a Car Accident?
Caused a Car Accident?
Broken A Cell Phone?
Prank Called A Teacher?
Taken Gymnastics?
Gone Skinny Dipping?
Kissed a Total Stranger?
Gone Bungee Jumping?
Ridden a Rollercoaster?
Gotten Kicked Out of a Movie Theater?
Held a Conversation With a Homeless Person?
Had Someone Close to You Die?
Made a Wish at 11:11?
Played DDR?
This Year Have You...
Gotten a New Job?
Gotten a New Pet?
Bought a Car?
Bought New Clothes?
Changed Your Appearance?
Made New Friends?
Stolen Anything?
This or That
Call or Text?
Hot or Cold?
Writing or Typing?
Books or Movies?
Rap or Country?
Guitar Hero or Rock Band?
Weekdays or Weekends?
Jeans or Sweats?
Waffles or Pancakes?
Vanilla or Chocolate?
Cats or Dogs?
Do You...
Use Chapstick?
Have a Lucky Number?
Write Songs/Poems?
Have a Journal/Diary?
Have a Sketchbook?
Believe in Love at First Sight?
Go to Church?
Have a Job?
Have a Curfew?
Still Watch Disney Movies?
Wear Makeup?
Plan an Instrument?
Ten Years From Now
How Old Will You Be?
Will You Still be in College?
Where Will You Live?