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Author: tickticktmr
Created: February 28, 2009
Taken: 228 times
Rated: G

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You look so good in blue (More INTERESTING questions!)

Created by tickticktmr and taken 228 times on Bzoink
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Would you rather lose your best friend or your boyfriend
Do you think people who pay hundreds of dollars on perfume are ridicilous?
What is the last thing you tried on in a store?
Do you know who Georgia Nicholson is?
Do you ever sleep through your alarm?
What is the dominant color in the room you're in?
Do you think Sophia Bush is a good actress?
When did you realize you are no longer a child?
Is sleeping naked more comfotable then in clothes?
Are you comfortable enough around your friends to change in front of them?
Does your best friend wear makeup?
Who is someone you do not understand at all?
What is your morning routine?
Have you already met your true love?
Have you ever had a dream in wich you were making out,or more,with someone?
Do you prefer to fix the problems or just end the relationship?
Have you ever accidentally stepped on a cat tail?
Did they meow really loud?
Do you ever go to Plyrics.com?
Did you know that when a worm is cut in two (next q)
both pieces grow again and continue living?
Do veggies gross you out?
Do you know what Bluekaffee is?
Chicken burger, fish burger or ham burger?
What is the best brand of ketchup?
Would you run down the street completely naked for 1,000$?
Have you ever dated someone in secret?
How do you get splinters out?
What is something all relationships need to be healthy?
Do you know who sings 'Lover I don't have to love'?
Do you bring pillows and blankets on road trips?
If a stranger adds you on facebook, do you add them back?
Does walking by yourself make you nervous?
When dog's bark, do you think it actually sounds like 'ruff'?
What about when cows moo?
How far is the airport from your house?
CSI or Crimnal Minds?
Can you make cookies from scratch?
Do you ever send people good morning texts?
Is there someone who makes you blush when you just say hi to them?
Do you kiss your pets?
Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car?
Does your leg itch right now?
What's worse then a stomach flu?
Can you fall asleep in cars?
Why did you go to church the last time you went?
Who made you supper last night?
Do you say mag or magazine?
Would you rather marry someone repulsive or be alone forever?
Would your parents approve of you dating someone of a different race?
Whose the richest person you know?
How old is the olsdest person you know?
Do you think Americans are pigs?
What was on the last sandwhich you ate?
Whose the last person who asked your name?
Remember the loot bags you used to get at birthdays? Weren't they awesome?
When is the last time you saw a monkey on TV?
Do you buy scratch tickets?
Who has it easier: adults or teenagers? Why?
What's the last thing you spent over twenty dollars on?
Would you be sad if you were 50 and still not married?
Have you ever been so drunk you couldn't even talk right?
Do you know anyone with a million middle names?
Are brand name food items really better then store brand ones?
Is ceaser salad the best kind of salad?
Is it dark out yet?
Do you believe that love is just an excuse to get hurt?
Is there a Booster Juice in your city?
If its called INTERNATIONAL house of pancakes,why isnt there one in Canada?
Do hugs help when you're sad?
How did you meet the last person you kissed?
Do you buy more things online or in stores?
What is the best thing to eat with fish?
Isn't it annoying when people treat music like a trend?
Do online dating sites ever work?

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