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Author: isabellee94
Created: February 28, 2009
Taken: 11 times
Rated: PG

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bored   boredom   hopes   late night   revelations  

our hopes and expectations; black holes and revelations.

Created by isabellee94 and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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what do you think about the jonas brothers?
what about hannah montana?
what is your favorite kind of animal?
do you like vegeteables?
can you lick your elbow ?
did you just try it?
do you think blondes are stupid as they say?
are you so bored that youre filling this questions out?
have you ever been pregnant?
are you scared of death?
do you think death has a black snuggie just like in tv?
do you like pop art ?
do you know who is andy warhool?
do you like britney spears?
even though she shaved her head?
did you see the movie charlies angels?
if you did, did you like chad?
whats your favorite coolor?
facebook or myspace?
do you like the hills?
have you read all the twilight books?
did you cry in the end?
what time is it?
talking of what time is it.... what do you think about high school musical?
do you play any instruments?
whats your favorite kind of flower?
dont you love robert pattinson? <333
what do you think about gay marriage?
are your mom and your dad together?
do you have brothers or sisters?
if you have, arent they annoying?
whats your favorite tv channel?
dont you love disney channel?
dont you think it gets annoying sometimes?
how do you like your eggs?
is there anything you regret in life?
what has been your biggest oops?
have you ever had a fight in public?
if you did, who won?
have you ever been arrested?
did you see the twilight movie?
do you believe in the zodiac signs?
whats your ideal age for marrying?
what do you think vampires do for bachelor parties?
do you like bachelor parties?
do you like dancing?
whats your favorite assignment?
dont you hate it when your nose itches?
has someone ever oppened you the door while you were into the bathroom?
do you like walmarts?
are you an organized person?
whats your favorite brand of clothing?
whats your favorite brand of shoes?
whats your favorite fashion designer?
where are you from?
do you want to pee right now?
what is your favorite tv show?
have you ever tried singing with your nose?
do you like somebody right now?
is he aware of that?
does he like someone else?
do you like madonna?
are you tired of this survey?
yes.. i am too.
pepsi or coke?
do you like popsicles?
do they remember you of vampires?
do you like to read?

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