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Author: jewel13
Created: February 24, 2009
Taken: 162 times
Rated: G

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dunkin donuts *RANDOM*

Created by jewel13 and taken 162 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever been to Paraguay?
Do you like iced coffees?
Do you like to stretch after waking up?
What's your birthstone?
Do you think that psychics exist?
Have you ever stepped on wet cement?
Have you ever seen a teacher in public outside of school?
Answer this: Where were the 2004 Summer Olympics held?
Do you know who Stephen Harper is?
What was the lowest grade you've ever gotten?
Have you ever bought shoes from Wal-Mart?
Do you play an instrument?
Have you ever ridden on a rollercoaster?
What's you favorite brand of gum?
Do you like the smell of nail polish?
When's the last time you had a slurpee?
Do you own a Justin Timberlake CD?
Do you like to gossip?
When's the last time you went out to eat?
Do you feel tired at all?
Do you care about what other people think about the way you dress?
What are your initials?
Have you ever been out of the continent?
Do you know anybody named Nicole? Sam?
Do you like where you live?
Have you ever avoided someone just because of one of his/her friends?
What do you think of goths?
Have you ever passed notes in class?
Do you like pickles?
Do you have a job?
What's your favorite cousin's name?
How often do you see him/her?
Have you ever had an argument with your best friend?
Do you like Oreo cookies?
What's your favorite food item from McDonald's?
Are you a vegetarian?
Who's Michelle Kwan?
What continent is Australia part of?
Name 3 people you know whose names start with an S.
Do you have siblings?
Have you ever had thoughts of running away?
Do you know anybody named Bob?
Do you like to write stuff on foggy windows/mirrors?
Who sits behind you in English?
What year are you graduating high school?