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Author: pplepew
Created: February 21, 2009
Taken: 33 times
Rated: PG

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Created by pplepew and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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Let's start with alittle info about....YOU!
Your name?
Fav color? ..Kidding!.. Astro Sign?
Why do you think i'm asking these questions?
Done! Next...your story with the gods, that is DBSK
How did you get to know about them?
Right..Your first mv?
I know, hard to remember, but still, its fun, fav mv?
Would you like to star in one of their mini dramas?
Which one then?
How about a new one!! What'd it be about?
I see, nice nice...got a fav out of the boys?
Let's start the serious stuff
We'll start off easy...You're walking down the street and see Changmin!
Would you dare hug one of them if you ever saw them?
Would you have a snack with Yoochun in the middle of the night?
So everyone is teasing Junsu like they always do, what about you?
Would you ever go shopping with Jaejoong?
Yunho wants to have many kids, are you ok with it, future wife?
Which guy would you like to hold you and never lets go?
Which guy's shoulder would you cry on?
Which one would you not mind sharing a bed with when you have to?
Which guy would you like to piggy-back you?
Which one would you like to kiss your cheek?
Remember...Love these guys to no end! <3 You're done!
Thanks for taking the survey