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Author: eraseidentity
Created: February 19, 2009
Taken: 224 times
Rated: PG

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Sleep Deprivation is Delicious.

Created by eraseidentity and taken 224 times on Bzoink
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Describe the person that you would like to be in three years.
How do you take your coffee?
If you had died four days ago, would you have missed out on something big?
How do you eat a Reeses cup?
What is your favorite genre of music?
How often do you read?
What is your favorite part of a playground?
Which ice cream flavor would you choose at Baskin Robbins?
How do you plan to spend the rest of the day?
Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who treated you poorly?
What was the last movie that you watched?
What does it take to make you irate?
Yard Sales or Thrift Stores?
Pick a number.
Would you be interested in going on a blind date?
What makes you feel important?
Can you stand in front of a gorup and speak with ease?
To brand names matter to you when purchasing clothes/shoes?
Do you buy boxes of cereal that include toys?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Do you use and umbrella in the rain?
What is/was your first choice college/university?
Have you ever badly injured someone on purpose?
Which prescription drug is your favorite?
Are your parents intelligent people?
Could you go a week without eating?
Lastly, how many fingers am I holding up?