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Author: umwif3y
Created: February 18, 2009
Taken: 46 times
Rated: PG

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You And Your Boo

Created by umwif3y and taken 46 times on Bzoink
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Whats Your Name
His or Her Name
His or Her Birthday
How Long Have You Been Together
Are You In Love
Is He or She In Love
Last Time You.....
You Txted Him or Her
You Saw His or Her Myspace Page
You Called Him or Her
You Thought of Him or Her
Do You....
Want 2 Be Be Around Him or Her All The Time
Wait For His Or Her Calls
Know When He or She Needs You
Feel His or Her Pain
How Much...
Do You Love Him or Her
Does He or She Love You
Do You Argue
Care For Him Or Her
Random Questions
Do You Think It Will Last
Do You Dream Of Him or Her
Are You Faithful
Is He or She Faithful
Can You See Yourself Without Him Or Her