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About This Survey

Author: jdkitten
Created: February 17, 2009
Taken: 111 times
Rated: G

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Fun Survey

Created by jdkitten and taken 111 times on Bzoink
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All About You:
Zodiac Sign
Favorite Color
Favorite Outfit
Favorite Place To Hang Out
The Do You's:
Do You have a dog?
What kind?
Do You have a cat?
What kind?
Do You have any other pets?
What kind?
School Questions:
Do you go to school?
What grade or year are you? (i.e. high school senior or college freshman)
Do you still see people you went to elementary school with?
Are you friends with them?
What is the best lunch your school serves?
The worst?
Have you ever found something gross or questionable in your lunch?
How many detentions have you received?
Ever been kicked out of school?
Have any favorite teachers?
The Future: 10 years from now (2019)
Where are you working?
Are you married?
What does your husband/wife do for work?
Still friends with people from high school?
Where are you living?
What kind of house?
Do you still listen to the same music?
How many kids?
How old are they?
How old are you now?
Anything you havent done that you want to do?
Be realistic: Are you in debt?
Why/Why not?
Did you achieve your goals?
Do you think your life will have a happy ending?