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Author: ampdupgirlforthe88
Created: February 15, 2009
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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*NEW!* 2009 Nascar Survey

Created by ampdupgirlforthe88 and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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-A Little Bit About You-
How long have you been a NASCAR Fan?
-Nascar Driver Favorites-
Who is your Favorite Veteran?
Who is your Favorite Rookie for the 2009 Season?
Who is your Favorite Driver Currently?
Which Driver is your All-Time Favorite?
Which Drivers do you Pull for Week after Week? You may pick up to 3!
-Nascar Commentator/Pit Reporter Favorites-
On the Fox Broadcast, Which Commentator do you like best?
Which Commentator is your favorite on the ESPN and ABC Broadcast?
Which Pit Reporter do you like to see Interview Drivers the Most?
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. or Jeff Gordon?
Rusty Wallace or Dale Jarrett?
Dale Earnhardt, SR. or Mark Martin?
Kasey Kahne or Martin Truex Jr?
Denny Hamlin or Tony Stewart?
Kyle Busch or Kurt Busch?
Kevin Harvick or Clint Bowyer?
Roush-Fenway Racing or Hendrick Motorsports?
Richard Childress Racing or Joe Gibbs Racing?
Chad Knaus or Steve Letarte?
Tony Eury Jr. or Tony Eury Sr.?
-Other Nascar Questions-
Which Rule in Nascar do you think needs to be Changed?
In the 2008 Season, Which Win was the Most Impressive?
Who do you think should have won Tony Stewart or Regan Smith?
Who deserved the Championship most?
Which Driver did you think was going to Win the 2008 Championship?
Do you think Nascar has their Favorites? If so, Which Drivers?
Who has the Best Smile?
How about the Best Eyes?
Which Nascar Wife do you like Most?
What Sponsor of Dale Jr's Past and Present do you like Best?
Of all the Crew Chiefs, Which is your favorite?
Which Driver is an Under Dog?
Which Driver is Over-Rated?
Do you agree with the Green, White, Checkered Rule?
How about the Lucky dog?
What Race is the Most Memorable to you?
Who will be 2009 Champion?