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About This Survey

Author: cheerchar12
Created: February 15, 2009
Taken: 36 times
Rated: G

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Im Pretty Much Amazing, So Im Taking This Survey!

Created by cheerchar12 and taken 36 times on Bzoink
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Hello, My name is
My Age is
My hometown is
I live in
The colors i adore are
The band i adore is
I go to school at
Your Friends
My best friend is
My worst enemy is
I go everywhere with
My best guy friend is
The Deal
I hate it when
I love it when
You will find me in my best mood when
Dont bother me when
I've never been to mars because
I probably wont because
Television is
Top Friends
Who is your top 4
Are they all true to you
Why is the last one last
Why is the first one first
Do you take people off if they take YOU off theirs
Do you like it when Tom is on ur top
Do you take tops seriously
La Musica
I cant stop listening to
I CAN stop listening to
When this song comes on the radio i have to turn it up
When this song comes on the radio i have to turn it OFF
This so was the worst song of 'o8
My best friend hates this song
So far, this is the best song of 'o9
Have you ever
Cheated on a test
And got caught
Seen someone break the law
And ratted them out
Told a crush how you felt
And got together with them
Had your heart broken
Stolen anything
Kissed an older person
Done your nails
Loved somebody so much it made you cry
La Familia
My mom is
My dad is
My siblings are
My grandparents are
My aunts are
My uncles are
You win $1,000,000, what do you do
Your car gets stolen what do you do
You finish this survey, what do you do
Random Things
Look to your right, what do you see
Do the same to the left
Do you like bubble baths
Most embarassing moment..
Have a Facebook
Like it
MySpace or Facebook
Rich without Love/Poor with Love