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Author: mizzshears
Created: February 15, 2009
Taken: 37 times
Rated: G

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Twinkle twinkle little star..

Created by mizzshears and taken 37 times on Bzoink
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..How I wonder what you are
What song was number one the day you were born?
Spell your name using bands eg sam Simple plan All american rejects Madness
Do you live in the same town as the place you were born?
How many years have you been breathing for?
If you had to have your nails painted with everlasting nail varnish what..
..colour/colours would you choose?
Do you have any memories that you wish you could just forget?
Describe something thats on the wall in the room you're in
If I gave you a box of chocolates which type would you pick first?
You can say something to the last person you know who's died..
..what would you say?
If you could taste the rainbow would orange taste orange?
What would blue taste like?
Have you ever eaten two different flavoured chewing gums at once?
Up above the world so high
If I gave you a free holiday where would you go?
Have you been there before? If not why do you want to go?
What was the last mode of transport you went on
If you had the chance to go to the moon would you?
Do you prefer Chinese, Indian, Mexican or Itallian food best?
I'm going to give you two free tickets to see your favourite band...
..who do you go and see?
Who do you take with you and why?
The band dedicate a song to you, which one is it?
Any reasoning behind that decision?
What would be your dream job?
Are you taking any steps to achieving that....
Or do you think it's unattainable?
What song would describe the way you felt the last time you got butterflies
Like a diamond in the sky
Do you have anything with your birthstone?
Ever seen pinocchio?
What's the last lie/white lie you told?
Do you believe that there is life out there?
Ever thought you'd seen a U.F.O?
You can make a wish upon a star, but it has to involve a person/s..
..what is your wish?
Have you ever had a dream, and didn't want to wake up from it?
How much was the last food item you bought?
Say a random word
Any meaning behind it?
Say a random name
Do you know anyone called that? If so how do you know them?