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About This Survey

Author: nerdsxarexsexy
Created: February 12, 2009
Taken: 76 times
Rated: G

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A Music Survey That ROCKS and ROLLS!

Created by nerdsxarexsexy and taken 76 times on Bzoink
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Do you even like rock?
If so, what is your favorite rock band?
What is your favorite song by them?
Do you have any memoribilia of that band?
If rock isn't your favorite genre of music, what is?
Do you know of a band who's name starts with "Z"?
If so, do you know a song by them?
What song is currently playing?
What song is currently stuck in your head?
Do you have an iPod?
Do you still use a CD player?
Does your phone have mp3 capabilities?
Do you like rap?
Can you rap?
What is your favorite parody?
What is your favorite pop song?
Do you think the Jonas Brothers are overrated?
How about Hannah Montanna?
Do you like emo or screamo music?
What about country?
Or indie/alternative?
How many songs do you have on your mp3 player?
Is music your life?
Do you realize that food and water is more important?
Do you like Cher?
Did you think number 25 was too random?
Have you ever been to a concert?
Would you like this survey to "ROLL" on out of here?
Did you get the "ROCK AND ROLL" aspect of the survey?