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About This Survey

Author: succubuskurumu
Created: February 11, 2009
Taken: 83 times
Rated: G

Bf/gf survey :D

Created by succubuskurumu and taken 83 times on Bzoink
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About You:
Your name?:
Your age?:
Your favorite color?:
Your favorite band?:
Your favorite singer?:
Everyone asks. So don't shoot me but.. Your favorite color? *Hides* >< :
Ha, missed me. :D *Gets shot* x.x :
Ahem, anyways. Favorite store?:
Favorite piece of clothing?:
Favorite piece of jewlery?:
Any piercings? Anywhere? ;D :
Favorite food?:
Favorite drink?:
About Him/Her:
Favorite store?:
Favorite piece of clothing?:
Favorite piece of jewlery?:
Any piercings?:
Favorite show?:
Favorite movie?:
Favorite sport?:
Favorite thing to do?:
Favorite game?:
Favorite pass time?:
Favorite season?:
Favorite month?:
Favorite time of the day?:
Is this annoying yet? XD :
Fine, y'know what!? You suck! XD :
ANYWAYS.. Do they like plush?:
Favorite animal?
Favorite music player?:
Favorite gaming console?:
Favorite person?:
About Your Relationship Together:
Favorite thing to do together?:
Favorite sport to play together?:
You have a song?:
You two take each others virginity?:
Favorite place to hang out together?:
Favorite restaurant to go to together?:
Where'd you meet?:
Who asked who?:
Who kissed who first?:
Who said
Who voulenteered sex/making love first?:
Was it just caught up in the moment of passion?:
Protective of each other?:
Obssessive over each other?:
Possessive over each other?:
Controling of each other?:
Ever physically harm each other?:
Ever got so made one of you said I hate you?:
Ever got in a huge argument?:
Did you get over it within the hour?:
Within the day?:
Within the week?:
Did you two have makeup sex/make love after?:
Are you in love with them?:
How are you sure?:
Are they in love with you?:
How are they sure?:
Can you feel the love?: