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Author: rayyheartsparamore
Created: February 10, 2009
Taken: 73 times
Rated: G

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everyone and everything.

Created by rayyheartsparamore and taken 73 times on Bzoink
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what were the last words your best friend said to you?
when did you wake up today?
do you ever use a thesaurus?
when your on IM with someone do you get pissed if they sign out?
what topics were discussed in your last argument?
will you have a significant other this valentines?
if you could promise someone anythign right now what would it be?
have you been to virginia beach?
when did you last eat blueberry pancakes?
are you going to be watching any tv tonight? i so, what?
why is your profile picture on facebook/myspace your picture?
have you ever been told your predictable?
are you going to any concerts soon?
what band/bands played at your last?
is there a sport your obsessed with?
what is one thing in life you never want to miss out on?
what color are your ear buds/headphones?
do you have any flowers in your bedroom?
besides the fact that your alive, name a reason why you should smile:
what was the last thing you wrote on paper?
do you for tomorrow or today?
do you wish you could go back and fix mistakes?
or, do you feel they made you better b/c of what you learned?
what is your status on facebook/myspace?
is there a person in your life you could deal with losing?
is you had to live another country which would you choose?
are you involved in any conflict right now?
do you wish people would just say things instead of ignoring there presence
what do you like on your salad?
do you like regular pencils or mechanical?
what is your dream career?
do you think it is attainable?
have any of your family members recently passed away?
have you ever used printmaster?
your last text:
have you been to disney world?
would you ever consider going on a mission trip?
what is one item you couldn't live without?
how old is the last person you broke up with?
one thing you miss about last year:
one person that makes you YOU:
one song repeating in your head:
one hope you have:
one day you hate remembering:
one statement that sums up your day: