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Author: reflectedbeauty
Created: February 9, 2009
Taken: 78 times
Rated: G

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Finally a survey as unique as you are!!!

Created by reflectedbeauty and taken 78 times on Bzoink
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Your name please?
Whats your age?
You live where?
If you got your own street what would you name it?
What type of air freshner do you use in your house?
When is the last time you sat down with a coloring book and crayons?
Did you buy Troll's when you were a kid?
What scent of deoderant do you wear?
What type of soda do you drink most regularly?
What position do you sleep in at night?
What do you think of ring pops?
Whats the last video game you beat?
What do you like better hearts, stars, paisly, or polka dots?
Have you ever held a sea shell to your ear and heard the ocean?
Do you own toe socks?
Do you like your tissues with or without lotion?
What are a few of you hobbies?
Whats the weather like outside?
Do you have any house plants?
Who do you look the most like in your family?
Do you know anyone who is at War right now?
Is there any song you have been listening to on repeat?
Do you like waterbeds?
What is one of your dreams?
What are you hungry for right now?
What is the last website you were on?
Do you own any Tervis Tumbler glasses?
Does your house or bedroom have a theme to it?
When was the last Ocean you swam in?
What is your favorite brand of shoes?
Is there something you are dreading right now?
Who was the last person you danced with?
If you could go back a year what would you fix?
If you had to take away 1 Holiday which would you choose?
What foriegn countries have you been to?
What was the last movie you watched that made you cry?
Name 5 random people you love!
Whats the hardest decision you have faced recently?