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Author: sparklesszz
Created: February 9, 2009
Taken: 40 times
Rated: G

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VEEDAY Survey!!!

Created by sparklesszz and taken 40 times on Bzoink
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Do you celebrate Valentines Day?
By yourself, with friends or with your special someone?
Ever been single on valentines day?
What is valentines day to you?
Do you tell everyone you love them on the heart day?
Do you give cards out?
Do you usually get cards?
Who usually gets you something??
Do you expect a certain something on the red day?
Would you lyke a kiss on veeday?
Will you give something to your crush?
Will you let your friends knoe you love them?
Is anyones birthday on the 14th?
Do you usually stay home on veeday?
What's your favorite veeday candy????
Ever got a kiss on veeday?
Has veeday been fun in the past?
Do you give people those heart candies?
Will anyone call you on veeday?
Do you have plans for this day?
Is this day special to you?
Do you feel left out on veeday?
Well you shouldn't. It's not about couples. It's about open love toward all
Do you dress up for veeday?
Do you just lyke the holiday for the candy and chocolates?
Ever recieved a rose on this holiday?
Do you knoe anyone with an anniversary on this day?
Have you alrede picked a valentine?
How many valentines did you have last year?
What is a valentine anyways?
It's the special someone your gona show love to that day!!!!
Do you and your friends celebrate veeday together?
Do your parents usually go out on veeday?
Ever had a horrible veeday?
Ever got asked out on veeday?
Do expect special things to happen on this day?
Are you gona let veeday get you down this year?
Does being single on this day make you sad?
Well cheer up and make it fun its not about couples its about the 1s u luv!
Is this your favorite holiday?
Least favorite holiday?
Is this holiday silly to you?
Will it be special or bad for you?
Will you ignore it or make it fun?
I hope it's good for you =] Happie Valentines Day<3333